Harry Potter

Harry Potter books removed from school after pastor says curses and spells 'real'

The pastor at St Edward Catholic School claimed that according to exorcists, the spells and curses may lead to 'conjuring evil spirits' when read out.

published on : 3rd September 2019

Draco Malfoy gives guitar lessons to 'quick learner' Hermoine Granger

Fans were quick to notice their comfort level and flooded the comments' section with monikers "Dramione" and "Feltson".

published on : 20th August 2019

Delve into the magical world of Harry Potter

Fascination for the JK Rowling fantasy series remains unabated as fans go back to re-reading it and specially themed cafes come up

published on : 31st July 2019

Polish priest apologizes for burning of 'Harry Potter' books

He published the apology late Tuesday on the Facebook page of a foundation he founded.

published on : 3rd April 2019

'It's occult and magic': Poland priests burn Harry Potter, Twilight books, create row

The post shows three priests carrying a basket of books and other items including an African-styled face mask through a church to an outside fire pit.

published on : 1st April 2019

How Ralph Fiennes almost rejected Lord Voldemort's role

The actor said that though he was actually ignorant about the Harry Potter series, he played the role after his sister Martha convinced him to do so.

published on : 17th March 2019

'Gandalf' star Ian McKellen gets mistaken for Dumbledore

McKellen is proud to be loved by millions because of his portrayal of Gandalf from J.R.R Tolkien's books because it has allowed him the freedom to work on issues close to his heart.

published on : 4th March 2019

Daniel Radcliffe resorted to alcohol to cope with 'Harry Potter' fame 

He also said that "there is no blueprint" to deal with the pressures of "starting young".

published on : 24th February 2019

'Harry Potter' series will be adapted in future: Daniel Radcliffe

While the 29-year-old actor said that someone else will definitely play the role in the future, he feels that there's a sacredness around the movies at the moment.

published on : 13th February 2019

Minnesota university teaches philosophy through Harry Potter

The university is mixing the magical world of Harry Potter into philosophy teachings. The class discusses ethics, logic, love, the human soul and nature while examining the stories.

published on : 11th September 2017

Did Dragonstone episode of Game of Thrones just have a ‘Harry Potter’ reference?

The moment arrived in a scene between characters Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) and archmaester Marwyn, who is in charge of training him at the Citadel.

published on : 18th July 2017

There are two different Harry Potters, reveals Rowling

Author JK Rowling has revealed there were two different Harry Potters in the 'Harry Potter' franchise.

published on : 24th June 2017