Satish Dhawan Space Centre

Chandrayaan-2: Countdown begins for India's most ambitious lunar mission yet

The mission, which will take off from launch pad-2 of ISRO's Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota, at 2.51 am on July 15, is scheduled to touch down on September 6 near the lunar south pole.

published on : 14th July 2019

Chandrayaan-2 launch: GSLV MKIII-M1 rocket, nicknamed 'Baahubali' moved to Sriharikota Range

ISRO scientists on June 29 completed all the tests on the robotic rover Pragyan and integrated it with the lander Vikram.

published on : 8th July 2019

Military satellite Microsat-R, student-made Kalamsat named after Abdul Kalam take off

The Microsat-R is an imaging satellite made by DRDO for military application and Kalamsat, the lightest satellite of India is made by a team of students from Chennai.

published on : 24th January 2019

India to launch imaging satellite Microsat-R on January 24

The four-stage launch vehicle which has alternating solid and liquid stages, with two strap-on configuration has been identified for the mission and configuration designated as PSLV-DL.

published on : 17th January 2019

ISRO's PSLV-C43 all set to launch 31 satellites on Thursday

Apart from India's HysIS, PSLV-C43 will launch 1 micro and 29 nano satellites from eight countries at 9.58 am on Thursday.

published on : 28th November 2018

Gloom at Satish Dhawan Space Centre after rare unsuccessful satellite launch

The occasion was bereft of any jubilation. No handshakes or greetings -- a stoic silence as India's navigation satellite launch mission ended in a failure.

published on : 31st August 2017