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London's Finsbury Park Mosque attack suspect was convinced all Muslims were extremists or rapists

Darren Osborne, 48, is accused of driving into a crowd of worshippers attending Ramadan prayers in June. A 51-year-old man, Makram Ali, was killed and nine people were injured in the attack.

published on : 23rd January 2018

Suicide blast kills 14 in Nigeria mosque

The suspected Boko Haram jihadist blew himself up amid worshippers inside the mosque in Gamboru around 5:00 am, shortly before morning prayers.

published on : 3rd January 2018

US Secretary of Defence Jim Mattis arrives in Cairo

Mattis' visit came just over a week after the worst-ever Islamic militant attack in Egypt's in the troubled northern Sinai where over 300 worshippers were killed. 

published on : 3rd December 2017

Egypt raises death toll in Sinai mosque attack to 305; Witnesses spoke of horrific scenes

Witnesses spoke of horrific scenes during the approximately 20 minutes it took the militants to kill and maim worshippers.

published on : 25th November 2017

Egypt attack reminder of need to develop global strategy to fight terror: India

Armed attackers today killed at least 235 worshippers in a bomb and gun assault on a packed mosque in Egypt's restive North Sinai province.

published on : 24th November 2017

Egypt's president Fattah al-Sisi vows brutal response after mosque attack

The worshippers were killed when heavily-armed militants bombed the mosque and opened fire on people attending prayers at the al-Rowda mosque in Al-Arish city, in the deadliest terror attack in Egypt.

published on : 24th November 2017

IS claims Shiite mosque attack in Afghan capital that left over 39 dead

The attack, which was one of two targeting mosques in Afghanistan on Friday, capped one of the country's bloodiest weeks in recent memory, with more than 180 people killed.

published on : 21st October 2017

Swedish police arrest man over arson attack on mosque

Swedish police on Tuesday arrested a man suspected of an arson attack that damaged a mosque overnight in the city of Orebro, the latest in a string of such incidents in recent years.

published on : 26th September 2017

Attack on Shiite mosque kills 28 in Afghanistan, 50 injured

A suicide attack during Friday prayers at a Shiite mosque in Kabul killed 28 people including women and children so far.

published on : 26th August 2017