Hillary has help from her friends, but Trump sets the agenda
Hillary is on a mission to prove that any little girl can grow up to be president. So long as she marries one first.
From mosquitoes to medals - what will happen in Rio?
Zika has been causing underdeveloped brains and heads - means pregnant women are still being advised to stay away.
Here's a First Lady everyone would vote for
Michelle Obama has sworn she'll never run for president - so what next for the woman more popular than Hillary.
IMF is still worth keeping despite its eurozone debacle
The IMF is still worth keeping, even if on the evidence of this report you would struggle to see why.
Billionaire's aide says no plans to help Trump
Republican presidential candidates have been featured at past Koch gatherings — but not this one.
Pope to young: Try politics, activism; don't be couch potato
Organizers said 1.6 million people came to hear the pope Saturday night, but police did not give a crowd estimate.
Latest: 16 feared dead in hot air balloon crash in Texas
The officials spoke Saturday on condition that they not be named because they weren't authorized to speak publicly.
Massacres leave 16 dead in neighboring Mexican states
Two massacres have left at least 16 people dead in the neighboring Mexican states of Michoacan and Guerrero.
Donald Trump rescued from stalled elevator in Colorado city
The Colorado Springs Fire Department says that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had to be rescued from an elevator that was stuck between the first and second floors of a resort.
Skydiver becomes first person to jump and land without chute
A skydiver made history when he became the first person to leap without a parachute and land in a net instead.
Trump to slain soldier's father: 'I've made a lot of sacrifices'
Among some of Trump's more controversial policy positions has been his call to ban Muslims from entering the US.
Protest in Burundi after UN decides to send police
The crowd also demonstrated outside the Rwandan embassy, accusing neighbouring Rwanda of training Burundi rebels.
JK Rowling says she hopes Harry Potter play goes global
The stage play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" had its gala opening Saturday in London's West End.
City officials: 3 dead, 1 hurt in another shooting, this time in Seattle
The suspect was pulled over and arrested three counties away, Officer Myron Travis of the Mukilteo Police Department said.
US museum seeks historian for paid beer drinking
Overwhelmed by a deluge of applicants, the museum's online job site crashed after news about the position got out.
The Latest: 'Significant loss of life' in Texas hot air balloon crash
The crash happened at about 7:40 a.m. Saturday.
Bangladeshi-Canadian identified as mastermind of Dhaka cafe attack
Bangladesh earlier said they found no proof of ISIS link to the country's terrorist attacks.
Honour killing: Another brother kill sisters in Pakistan after Quandeel incident
Hundreds of women are killed by relatives across Pakistan each year, on the pretext of defending what is seen as family honour.
Indian Americans sleeping giants in presidential election
Supporters said if the Indian-Americans would vote in these battle ground States they can play an "important role"
Afghan official: Taliban capture district in Helmand
An important district in Afghanistan's southern poppy-growing province of Helmand has fallen to Taliban control.
Sinhalese students yet to return to Jaffna University
Out of about 800 Sinhalese students, only a handful have picked up courage to come back.
Security suddenly boosted at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport
Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport has suddenly boosted its security in a move authorities there have linked to the "national threat level."
Philippine president calls off truce after rebel attack
Duterte ordered all government forces to go on high alert and "continue to discharge their normal functions.
Gaza's Hamas hands out land hoping to avoid financial crisis
Hamas has begun handing out plots of the land to 40,000 civil servants loyal to the Islamic militant group.

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