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Alexander the Great was the King of Macedonia, Emperor of Asia, Pharaoh of Egypt and King of Asia at the same time. He found 70 cities throughout the conquered lands, naming 20 after himself, and one after his dear stallion - Bucephalus. (Photo | posterlounge)
'Lost City' of Alexander the Great found in Iraq

Archaeologists have discovered a city in Iraq that is thought to have been founded by Alexander the Great and was lost for more than 2,000 years.

21 minutes ago

Dengue (AP file Image for representation )
Antibody that protects against Zika, dengue identified

Dengue and Zika are related viruses, the researchers reasoned that an antibody that prevents dengue disease may do the same for Zika.

28 minutes ago

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Saudi clerics use Twitter, school textbooks to promote hate speech: Human Rights watchdog

Saudi clerics, including those holding official positions, have "vigorously employed" 21st century tools, like Twitter, to stoke intolerance among millions of followers, Human Rights Watch said.

31 minutes ago

A man rides a bicycle passing a station with bicycles of Youbike, a bicycle sharing system, in Taipei, Taiwan on August 31. (File Photo | Reuters)
Two wheels good: Bicycle boom nibbles on Asia gasoline demand growth

Analysts can't keep up with bike numbers, let alone estimate how much gasoline consumption growth has dropped off due to the rapid rise in bike-sharing.

31 minutes ago

India's Permanent Representative to United Nations Syed Akbaruddin (File |IANS)
UN Security Council must use sanctions as weapon against terror funding in Afghanistan: India

India also asked the international community to ensure that the forces of terrorism and extremism do not find sanctuaries and safe havens anywhere and at any level.

35 minutes ago

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. (File photo | AP)
Turkey President Erdogan warns of 'ethnic war' risk over Iraqi Kurdish independence vote

Erdogan warned the Iraqi Kurdish leader against pushing for independence after holding a non-binding referendum, saying such a move risked sparking an "ethnic war" in the region.

42 minutes ago

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Click beetles inspire new self-righting robots

Robots perform many tasks that humans cannot or do not want to perform, getting around on intricately designed wheels and limbs.

51 minutes ago

Chinese President Xi Jinping speaks during the 86th Interpol General Assembly at Beijing National Convention Center in Beijing on Sept. 26, 2017. (Photo | AP)
Interpol holds four-day general assembly in Beijing as China hunts for fugitives

Some 1,000 public security officials and political leaders will discuss terrorism, organised crime and cybercrime at the four-day gathering.

51 minutes ago

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Nerve stimulation restores consciousness in man after 15 years

The outcome challenges the general belief that disorders of consciousness that persist for longer than 12 months are irreversible, the researchers said.

1 hour ago

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South Korea says 2018 winter Olympic Games will be safe despite nuclear threat

French and Austrian officials last week raised the prospect of not sending athletes as US and North Korean leaders intensified their war of words.

1 hour ago

In this representational image, U.S. Air Force F-35 stealth fighter jets fly over the Korean Peninsula, South Korea.  AP
China warns of having 'no winners' in a war on Korean peninsula

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-ho accused Trump of declaring war, and warned that his country would be ready to shoot down US bombers.

1 hour ago

Balinese man watches Mount Agung volcano almost covered with clouds as he stands at a temple in Karangasem, Bali, Indonesia on Sept. 26, 2017. (Photo | AP)
Over 75,000 people flee amid fears of Bali's Mount Agung volcano eruption

The volcano's alert status was raised to its highest level on Friday, with hundreds of tremors daily indicating a high chance it will erupt.

1 hour ago

India and Egypt aim at boosting tourism industry

India's Ambassador to Egypt Sanjay Bhattacharyya that India and Egypt were two of the very large population countries, but the level of tourism between them was below potential.

1 hour ago

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko | AP Photo
Ukraine President Poroshenko signs controversial education law infringing ethnic minorities' rights

The law restructures Ukraine's education system and specifies that Ukrainian will be the main language used in schools, rolling back the option for lessons to be taught in other languages.

1 hour ago

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Pakistan spy accuses his agency of 'protecting' terrorists: Report

Malik Mukhtar Ahmed Shahzad, a serving assistant sub-inspector of Intelligence Bureau, has accused his senior officers of not taking action against terrorism suspects.

1 hour ago

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Crash site of Europe's first lunar mission found

The spacecraft launched on September 27, 2003, and was sent into a controlled impact on September 3, 2006, with the lunar surface.

1 hour ago

US Defense Secretary James Mattis. (File photo | AP)
US wants to solve North Korea crisis diplomatically: Defense Secretary Mattis

"We maintain the capability to deter North Korea's most dangerous threats but also to back up our diplomats in a manner that keeps this as long as possible in the diplomatic realm," he said. 

1 hour ago

Satya Nadella. (Photo | Reuters)
India's Aadhaar rivals growth of Windows, Android, Facebook: Satya Nadella

Nadella, in his book 'Hit Refresh', which was released during the ongoing Microsoft Ignite 2017 conference, has praised India's leap forward in the digital and technological arena.

1 hour ago

Kiran Patel and his wife Pallavi Patel (Photo | https://nsunews.nova.edu )
Indian-American couple pledges USD 200 million to transform healthcare, train doctors from India

The couple donated USD 200 million to create a regional campus for a private university to potentially transform healthcare in the US.

2 hours ago

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'Magic dust' may help develop powerful supercomputers

This entirely new design could form the basis of a new type of computer that can solve problems that are currently unsolvable, in diverse fields such as biology, finance or space travel.

2 hours ago

Satya Nadella. (Photo | Reuters)
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella once surrendered his Green card for love, he reveals in new book

Nadella's book 'Hit Refresh' recounts some personal and professional struggles, including details not widely known about his upbringing in India and adjusting to his children's disabilities.

2 hours ago