Madhusudhanan Kalaichelvan

How the Pallavas administered land

The Hirahadagalli plates of Siva Skanda Varman from 338 CE in Prakrit language and Brahmi script is one of the oldest sets of records and throws light on the administrative setup.

18 Nov 2021

Patronisation of an academic language by Cholas

At Ennayiram near Villupuram, Rajendra Chola directly intervened to set the remuneration for the teachers at the Vedic college and endowments to feed the students.

19 Oct 2021

Devadasis, women who shouldered culture and tradition

Countless inscriptions have recorded for posterity the magnanimity of the Devaradiyars or Devadasis. The frequency of these inscriptions increased remarkably during the imperial Chola period.

29 Sep 2021

Lesser-known Chola gem with a stone vimana

An architectural wonder, this temple has a stunning vesara vimana and a kalasa made of stone.

24 Aug 2021

Justice in Chola age: Repentance, not retribution

For common offences such as cattle lifting and petty thefts, the punishment ranged from penalties to endowments for burning perpetual lamps in temples.

25 Jun 2021