Prosenjit Datta

Will the bad bank help in resolving our NPA problem?

The biggest issue with the NARCL is that it will be owned largely by public sector banks and have its management drawn mostly from them.

27 Aug 2021

Vaccine nationalism and global economic recovery

The IMF, WHO, etc., would like trade hurdles to vaccine inputs removed and nations with excess doses to share at least 1 billion doses with those that need them.

30 Jul 2021

Why has IBC failed to live up to its promise?

Take away some high-profile resolutions where buyers paid big value and the recovery rate drops to 24%. What can be done to ensure better recoveries?

02 Jul 2021

Increasing inequality and the pandemic

Covid has increased both the number of poor and the wealth inequality in the country. This is unlikely to get reversed soon

04 Jun 2021