S Vaidhyasubramaniam

Higher education to move from recognition to realisation

In another interview last week, the UGC chairman announced new regulations for Indian universities opening campuses abroad will be e-notified in a month.

24 Mar 2023

G20 Presidency is education’s watershed moment

The universalisation of the functional Indian lifestyle and its relationship with nature is one of the significant contributions that India can make to the EdWG.

31 Jan 2023

Welcome foreign universities with calibration

With a share of 21 percent of the total international student enrolment, India’s 19 percent increase in 2021-22 outgrew China’s 9 percent fall.

28 Jan 2023

Education awaits Finance Minister’s grace marks

While governments of many countries spend a higher share of GDP on education, India still lags.

11 Jan 2023

Kashi Tamil Sangamam: Modi’s cultural tour de force

Kashi Yatra for people from Tamil Nadu is a ‘dream coming true’ moment as it epitomises a significant achievement in a Tamilian’s lifetime.

16 Dec 2022

The education minister’s first ball sixer

The article’s word limit constraints the author from expanding the unimaginable benefit that’s in the pipeline, but enough to highlight three important gaps that EdWG needs to fill.

26 Nov 2022

Kashi Tamil Sangamam and Dvadasha Darshan

The report marvelled at the civilisational strength of India and its capacity to gain a global footprint using its dominant soft power and not its strong military power.

19 Nov 2022

India's edu-independence moment has come

The bubbling confidence of India was tellingly visible when she offered India’s 5G to any other country. India’s standalone 5G now stands taller in the global wireless infrastructure capabilities.

21 Oct 2022

Second coming of India's first higher education status

The National Education Policy (NEP 2020) is one of the most pronounced stability plans chartering the Indian education growth story.

24 Sep 2022

From Azadi sarkar to Atmanirbhar sarkar

The celebrations of India’s 75th Independence Day saw the convergence of the entire nation in its fullest strength with nationalist fervour.

27 Aug 2022

Higher education’s winning formula with twinning towers

The evolution of university ranking, at global and national levels, has increased the level of competitiveness among higher education institutions (HEIs).

22 Jul 2022

Varanasi declaration: Second coming of Mahamana's first

Phygital form of education shall be encouraged using experience of Covid through calibrated model- online&offline education in balanced manner without need to move towards either of vulnerable extreme

06 Jul 2022

Enrich the value of engineering admissions

The value of a university admission to different higher education programmes assumes different proportions based on the nature of admission. Here is more to the value story.

26 Jun 2022

Equestrian policy for high academic horsepower

Horsepower is a unit of measurement that indicates the rate at which work is done to measure the output of a work engine.

21 May 2022

UGC’s A La Carte Buffet

Do we have enough or should we create many institutions is the key question searching for answers.

23 Apr 2022