Sharanya Manivannan

Envious criticisms in the face of success

Some such pettiness was on display when Falguni Nayar, founder of Nykaa, made the company publicly-traded this month, becoming the sixth Indian woman billionaire.

19 Nov 2021

Is context a matter of convenience?

Honestly, it was her gorgeous outfit that I noticed first. I won’t pretend to have known who she was and even to have long been a fan (as many do when major awards are announced!).

11 Nov 2021

A helpline for men in a utopian world

One of the largest, with a network of 40 NGOs, even brands itself as “saving” the Indian family system.

27 Oct 2021

The gift at the end of a bloodline

Legend has it that my maternal lineage will end with my generation, due to a curse. Indeed, my cousins, siblings and I are marked failures at marriage or procreation.

16 Oct 2021