Srinivas Sistla

A dais as big as earth, a canopy as wide as sky

The mantapa, in front of the same vedi, contains many pillars with numerous panels showing various themes from Indian epics, mythologies and even a few genre ones.

08 Apr 2021

Tribal hunting reliefs, masterpieces of Vijayanagara art

Innumerable works of art, across the world in general and in India in particular, cover erotic scenes.

19 Mar 2021

The world victory palace of Krishna Deva Raya

As Pratapa Rudra Gajapati had fled to Kondaveedu, the Vijayanagara king attacked that hill-fort and captured it on 23 June 1515, and erected the Jaya sthambha (victory pillar) there.

13 Feb 2021

White One & a Matrix of Cloud, the Dhauli sculpture

The Dhauli elephant is a well-known work, and nearly all prominent historians, archaeologists and art historians have written about it.

05 Feb 2021