Srinivas Sistla

Aatma-stuti: A didactic tale on self-praise

In the Sanskrit Panchatantra of Vishnu Sharma, The Turtle and the Swans narrates how fatal it would be if one indulges in self-praise, even when a situation demands it.

20 Jul 2021

The crane in Indian literature and art

Sarasa and baka, which in Sanskrit mean the crane, figure prominently in ancient Indian literature and art.

02 Jul 2021

Lunar eclipse and the intelligent rabbit in Hampi

In ancient Indian coins, inscriptions and the emblems of various dynasties, the sun and moon were shown together to indicate eternity, which coincides with an idiom

15 May 2021

A fresh look at Vrishabha-Kunjara of yore

As pointed out by Jan Gonda in a study, no Vedic god or goddess possesses any animal as their vehicle.

04 Mar 2021