Srinivas Sistla

Ibrahim Adil Shah II: Poet, painter and art patron

A portrait in the City Palace Museum in Jaipur shows Ibrahim Adil Shah II with a mark on the forehead, similar to the sacred mark common among several sects of Hindus.

21 Jul 2022

Various versions of Ramayana and Laxmana's line(s)

The rekha is viewed symbolically in two ways: less commonly as a protection offered to a woman by man, and more often as the limitations imposed by the latter on the freedom of the former.

23 Jun 2022

Bapuji: A landmark linocut by Nandalal Bose

From the 1890s, European artists used it to make printed pictures that came to be called linocuts. The medium was used as a substitute for the age-old woodcut, which is relatively laborious to make.

10 Jun 2022

Earliest Telugu Verse Translated into English

In the course of translating a few Telugu classics and publishing them, I have become inquisitive about knowing the very first verse from the language rendered into English.

31 May 2022

A look at the origin of Mughal paintings

Mughal painting, which contributed immensely to the annals of Indian art history, had become full-fledged under the patronage of King Akbar.

14 May 2022

A temple named after an ancient region of India

Sri Andhra Maha Vishnu, the presiding deity of a temple in Srikakulam is also known as Andhra and Telugu Vallabha and Raya, Srikakuleswara and Madhusudana.

03 May 2022

A mighty Gupta-era masterpiece from MP

To grasp the innumerable figures on the Eran Varaha, some of which still remain unidentified, a viewer has to take a circumambulation round the spectacular sculpture, and move the head up and down.

16 Apr 2022

A magnificent Varaha panel in Madhya Pradesh

God Vishnu’s third incarnation, Varaha (wild boar), has been widely represented in ancient Indian sculptures, paintings and even in modern prints. 

16 Mar 2022