Ravi Shankar


Ravi Shankar
Dear government, please take a joke

For a powerful government to perceive a cartoon as a threat is either a sign of fear or intolerance of criticism.

13 Jun 2021

Israel is the victim of history’s hatred

The liberals are clamouring for Israel to be tried for human rights crimes, but not the Hamas which fired over 4,000 rockets into the Jewish homeland.

06 Jun 2021

The contest between belief and relief

Romanticising rural India or for that matter the bucolic parts of any country can be emotionally satisfying because everyone craves pastoral purity.

30 May 2021

An open letter from a cow to all Indians

I’m a cow living in India, mostly in Bharat. I am a gentle beast. I have horns, but I do not hurt people.

23 May 2021

How to brace for the coming third wave of coronavirus

The government warns of a third coronavirus wave. India is not ready.

16 May 2021

Covid and learning the science of doing things right

Next he turned on Dr Anthony Fauci, America’s foremost global infectious diseases expert who had served five presidents before the Don.

09 May 2021

Democracy's Who's Who in Covid 2.0

Despite the government's abysmal ineptitude in handling Corona 2.0 leading to tragic consequences, the relationship between Narendra Modi and 'We' cannot be shattered.

02 May 2021

India in viral political nightmare

Falling through surreal dimensions touched by the tragic incandescence of burning pyres, the heat of melting funereal furnaces, the laments of grieving folk and the sighs of ghosts.

25 Apr 2021

Call out the generals for the despots they are

As Burma burns, refugees who include policemen and soldiers who refused to shoot their own people are fleeing to India. 

11 Apr 2021

Lotus blooms when zero is hero

Rahul Gandhi is the gift that keeps on giving. He has developed a PR sideline in martial arts during this phase of Assembly elections.

04 Apr 2021

The political denim generation gap

Many of them therefore had faulty or no education this partly explains why they treat Hindi as an instrument of defiance and defence instead of the easy-going lingua franca it can be.

28 Mar 2021

Penchant to punish does Modi disservice

Russia has one of the most autocratic regimes in the world. Vladimir Putin rules through fear, crushing dissent with deadly force.

21 Mar 2021

Hey Martians! The earthlings are coming

History reveals that civilisations write their own obituaries. Now, astronomy confirms it too.

14 Mar 2021

In the name of the party, go!

It is unfair to blame the Congress of being a lousy opposition party. It has a great legacy as India’s greatest Opposition party ever, which defeated British colonialism and won India its freedom.

07 Mar 2021

The Chhatrapati in Hindustan

In 1788, Mahadji Scindia became the Mughal Empire’s de facto ruler by reinstating the deposed Emperor Shah Alam II and establishing a permanent Maratha garrison in Delhi to rule Hindustan.

28 Feb 2021