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T J S George
Ready for a grave new world?

Humour helps us survive man-made catastrophes. But it does not erase reality.

24 May 2020

Criticism cannot be sedition

The second thing that sent me off to the dining table was the nothing-new feeling created by the prime ministerial message. 

17 May 2020

Turning leadership into drama

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, saved from a near-fatal attack of coronavirus, gratefully named his baby after his doctors.

10 May 2020

Is blaming China a way out?

Most of the stories now being heard about the origin and nature of the pandemic are alarming.

03 May 2020

The world to end in 30 years ?

What was only a spiritual note of caution then has now acquired real-life validity, thanks to the coronavirus.

26 Apr 2020

The truth is: We are meaningless

Epidemic diseases? Administrators see the world in ways ordinary citizens cannot. The Sardar statue episode proves this yet again.

19 Apr 2020

Coming: Corona’s economic shocks

Even after the corona pandemic is gone, its economic effect will prove to be a prolonged affair.

12 Apr 2020

Can we feel good in a hospital?

So, a mere virus is enough to bring humanity on its knees.

05 Apr 2020

When leaders set bad examples

Photographs of the morning feasts, released to inspire citizens, showed close intermixing of our elected leaders.

29 Mar 2020

In the time of Frank Moraes, too

Love in the time of cholera ended up with love winning; author Gabriel Marquez wouldn’t have it any other way.

22 Mar 2020

Virus, virus, go away, l’le Johnny...

Someone in the national capital decided that, out of the 1,600 television channels in India, two Malayalam channels must be singled out for an outright ban.

15 Mar 2020

New call of ‘patriots’: GOLI MAARO

The halls fill the soul with the sound of ‘Jai Hind’, now said at the end of every speech.

08 Mar 2020

Showman and his Trump card

Donald Trump was told that 10 million people would assemble to welcome him. The population of Washington DC is seven lakh.

01 Mar 2020

Citizen is always manipulated

This thought will surely come to anyone who reads Ayodhya: City of Faith, City of Discord by Valay Singh.

23 Feb 2020

When God is not a vote catcher

Arvind Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia are Lilliputians over whom Narendra Modi and Amit Shah tower as Brobdingnagians.

16 Feb 2020