Aihik Sur

Bengalis must show family tree to get passport?

After the issue of illegal immigrants in the country was raked up, it has particularly become difficult for Bengalis and people from the North-East to apply for documentation.

25 Nov 2019

Blockchain tech to be used for Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Hyderabad certificates

The US embassy pointed out that some students and employees applying for visas were submitting fake certificates.

19 Nov 2019

Soon, Shiva statue to be built on Warangal's Ramappa Lake

While the structure will come up on an islet in the middle, 25 acres of land has been identified to build roads, a restaurant and a community hall near the iconic temple.

18 Nov 2019

Now, creepy web developer wants world under watch

The developer, who declined from naming himself, opined that mass media was a ‘prism’ which the project was aiming to bypass. 

15 Nov 2019

Telangana Treasury website vulnerable to hacking

The issue comes with the ‘treasury bill details’ webpage on the website of the Directorate of Treasuries and Accounts.

14 Nov 2019

For sale: Credit, debit card details of Hyderabadis available online for Rs 2000

The five localities checked for on the site were Banjara Hills, Madhapur, Somajiguda, Begumpet, and Afzalgunj.

11 Nov 2019

Telangana has lowest number of internet users: IAMAI report

According to Internet and Mobile Association of India’s newly released India Internet 2019 report, Internet has reached to only 31 per cent of Telangana.

09 Nov 2019

‘Religious offence’ tops government’s list of reasons to get Google content deleted

According to a Google report, between July and December 2018, as many as 404 requests were made by government agencies to remove content because it was found to be offensive to religions.

06 Nov 2019

Two Hyderabad drone startups set to assist forest department

Will help identify illegal activities, suspicious movements at night

04 Nov 2019

Excavations take a hit as ASI-Hyderabad reels under fund crunch

However, the works were stopped because of lack of funds and other labour-related issues that the ASI was facing at the time.

04 Nov 2019

Beware! Your live CCTV feed is on the net

However, cameras installed by the police are 100 per cent safe, says Hyderabad top cop.

04 Nov 2019

WhatsApp snoopgate: Telangana to study Israeli malware Pegasus to combat attacks

Pegasus, the malware in question, spies on people via their phones. It was developed by Tel Aviv-based cyber security company NSO group. 

03 Nov 2019

Hyderabad-based activist, advocate of Telangana High Court who works for political prisoners spied on

Citizen Lab has been tracking the spying attack perpetrated on WhatsApp, and has contacted several victims.

02 Nov 2019

Work to transform Janampet burial site to megalithic park to resume soon

The ASI, with the help of the district collectorate, had identified 14 acres of land around the burial site as old as 3rd century BC.

27 Oct 2019

World Heritage Site nomination to remain a no-go for Swayambhu, 1000 Pillar Temple?

However, the State is yet to provide any time frame for the nomination of Qutub Shahi Tombs, Golconda Fort, Charminar, and the natural sites.

26 Oct 2019