Ananda Shankar Jayant

Worship the goddess within

In a few days, almost every part of the country will pay obeisance to the divine feminine.

16 Sep 2017

What will be our legacy a millennium ahead?

Last weekend, a family trip took us to Thanjavur. We craned our necks, squinting against the sun, hoping to capture the sheer magnitude of the Vimana in our mind, and clambered up the rickety steps to

18 Aug 2017

Directory of all things dance

The dancer talks about Narthaki - a digital space created by maestro Anita Ratnam for the Indian classical dance industry.

01 Jul 2017

Tracing a dance diva’s trail

In the artistic firmament of India’s cultural history, if there is one name that continues to inspire and lead generations of artists, it is Sonal Mansingh—on, off and beyond the stage.

18 May 2017

Baby steps into digital dreams

India’s wealth of performing arts has attracted learners and practitioners from across the globe.

18 Feb 2017