Balbir Punj

Church, practise what you preach

In the last week of June this year, the Kuravilangad police in Kottayam district had registered a case of rape and unnatural sex against the bishop.

20 Sep 2018

Rahul Gandhi wrong on RSS, Islamic terrorism

The Congress President’s recent speeches abroad were widely reported - how do his theories measure against facts?

06 Sep 2018

A change of mindset in Pakistan?

A recent article which claims that the Pakistan army is trying to improve ties with India should be taken with a pinch of salt

17 May 2018

Ambedkar Versus His Apostles

The “outburst of Dalit outrage’’ during the all-India ‘bandh’ on April 2 has been sought to be explained as an assertion of their right to humanity by apologists of the violence that marred the protes

19 Apr 2018

Yes, we are an ‘Intolerant’ Nation

Rajesh, a Dalit RSS worker, was hacked to death in Kerala. But our ‘secular intellectuals’ as usual ignored this Leftist intolerance

05 Aug 2017

Confessions of a ‘Hindu Nationalist’

The ‘Left-Liberals’ controlled the English media and academia. With their monopoly challenged, they have started crying hoarse

27 May 2017

The Left myth of academic freedom

Leftists dominated academia earlier and substituted facts with ideology. As their monopoly has been broken, they now cry foul

04 Mar 2017