Chandrakanth Viswanath

Eeda Review: Love in turbulent times

'Eeda'  highlights life in the killing fields of Kannur.

06 Jan 2018

Life and times of Kerala political heavyweight Thomas Chandy: The key accused in Alappuzha land encroachment

With three Assembly elections to his credit, the public life of the political heavyweight from Kuttanad Thomas Chandy alias Kuwait Chandy was always disparate, albeit controversial.

15 Nov 2017

I V Sasi's vision raised Kozhikode’s cultural profile

Though he stayed away from Kozhikode - his hometown - for long, I V Sasi had a big hand in raising its profile in popular culture through his strong presence in Malayalam cinema.

25 Oct 2017

After Father Tom Uzhunnalil's return, joyful prayers of thanksgiving

Ever since their beloved ‘Tom Achan’ was abducted last year, the relatives of Father Tom Uzhunnalil have been devastated and were praying for his safe release for the past 18 months.

13 Sep 2017

The return of the native: Minister’s day out

Life seemed to have a full circle for former Leftist Kannanthanam, who was inducted into the Cabinet by Prime Minister Narendra Modi a few days ago.

11 Sep 2017

State authorities sound alarm as cholera returns in Kerala

With the chance of the disease spreading through Kerala, surveillance activities must be intensified with focus on hygiene

12 Aug 2017

Six things you did not know about national award winning Surabhi Lakshmi

In her award-winning role, Surabhi portrays the challenges of a middle-aged widow and mother from a lower-income group. 

07 Apr 2017

The story of manhole cleaners makes it to IFFK competition 

Manhole, directed by journalist Vidhu Vincent, focuses on men who goes down the manholes to work in it.

13 Oct 2016