Deepak Sathish

T Natarajan: This dailywage labourer's son is more than just an IPL hero

The eldest of five siblings, Natarajan’s father was a daily-wage labourer in a textile mill. His mother was running a roadside food stall.

07 Oct 2020

Fans ready to echo Chennai Super Kings’ roars

Members of Whistle Podu Army, the official fan club of CSK, would be donning the role of a virtual audience during the first match of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020.

19 Sep 2020

COVID-19: Use finger-pulse oximeters instead of thermal scanners, say health experts

While low-oxygen levels indicate damage in the lungs which in turn can mean a possible Covid-19 infection, thermal scanners are just to detect body temperature, they said.

12 Sep 2020

Not wearing a mask? Then you must undergo a COVID-19 test in Coimbatore

The samples would be collected after imposing a fine of Rs 200 as per the state government order, said Ramesh, adding that violators shall also be given 10 surgical masks free of cost

08 Sep 2020

When self reliance smells like biryani: Coimbatore transwomen open restaurant after lockdown blues

The dum biriyani specialists used the lockdown period to expand their skillset, and on Wednesday, with support from NABARD and others, launched the Covai Trans Kitchen in RS Puram.

02 Sep 2020

Now, an OTT platform only for indie films

It’s to surmount this hurdle that Arunkanth launched the mobile application in 2019, airing Live TV and internet radio.

02 Sep 2020

Residents to receive COVID-19 test results through SMS, says Health Minister Vijayabaskar 

Vijayabaskar said the automated system shall be put in place within two weeks.

23 Aug 2020

Gold not to be blamed: virologist T Jacob John

Referring to several studies, PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Assistant Professor Arun Padmanandan said the coronavirus can survive for two to nine days on plastic, metal, and steel.

20 Aug 2020

143 COVID deaths in Coimbatore were due to late hospitalisation, say health officials

As Coimbatore's caseload surpassed the 9,000-mark on Monday, the district saw 24 patients succumbing to the virus within a day of hospitalisation.

18 Aug 2020

COVID-19: Cricket, carrom, cards keep asymptomatic patients in Coimbatore in relaxed mood

The play is on, the asymptomatic patients are in no mood to give in to the Coronavirus, and they hit the ball for another boundary.    

17 Aug 2020

Coimbatore crematorium fleecing families of Covid victims?

A family member said that they were forced to pay Rs 4,000 (without a receipt), as against the tariff of Rs 1,250 per body set by Coimbatore City Municipal Corporation. 

05 Aug 2020

Coimbatore's renowned neurologist who treated poor patients for free dies due to COVID-19

This is the first fatality to be recorded in the Coimbatore district so far, where a doctor has died due to the viral infection. 

01 Aug 2020

Link between platelets and Covid-19 virus?

Another author, Murugesh Easwaran said the virus or bacteria is not the sole reason for a person to get infected.

28 Jul 2020

Samples collected from people in Coimbatore's Selvapuram test COVID-19 positive

According to Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine sources, the positive cases from Selvapuram is either to do with people who are into the gold production or their friends and family

18 Jul 2020

Clusters, travellers reason for Coimbatore’s case load

District only crossed the 1K mark on July 9 but cases projected to touch 4,000 by August

14 Jul 2020