Deepika Kolluru

Vizag's realty bites: Demand high, sector down

However, the existing demand has not helped in providing an impetus that is needed in Vizag’s real estate market. 

26 Jun 2022

Need a week, not sure of finding source of ammonia gas leak: Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board

The PCB official suspected that the gas might have either leaked from the AC unit at Seed Intimate Apparel unit or the Effluent Treatment Plant.  

05 Jun 2022

Doppler radar in Vizag ‘unserviceable’

The DWR at Kailasagiri in Visakhapatnam station has a detection radius of 500 km.

20 Apr 2022

Our ‘Unwanted’ Children 

While being taken into these adoption agencies and CCIs can mean foster care for some, it is the first step on the road to adoption and a new lease of life for others. 

18 Mar 2022

Millenials turn to art to keep stress at bay

Neuroscience experts believe that the process of making and experiencing art is believed to create a natural synergy of the mind and the body

06 Feb 2022

Ancient palm-leaf manuscripts of Andhra University library will soon be a click away

The manuscripts include the ‘Parashar Smriti’ authored by Sage Parashar, ‘Dasarupaka’ and ‘Rupaka Paribhasha’ of ‘Natya Sastra’ by Sage Bharata.

29 Dec 2021

Meet Madhavi, a plant mom and beginner’s guide to terrace gardening

As tough as the years 2020 and 2021 have been, both have offered some silver linings.

20 Dec 2021

Need of hour: More women cops in Andhra Pradesh for gender-sensitive policing

The Ministry of Home Affairs set a target of 33 per cent representation for women in the police department in 2009.

10 Oct 2021