Devapriya Roy

Of Salman Rushdie, Laal Singh Chaddha and midnight's grandchildren

It is quite clear though that a large chunk of midnight's grandchildren have no interest in that India or in allowing art to speak for itself; they are so amped up on their manufactured rage...

03 Sep 2022

Arranging books on memory shelf

Recently, in view of an impending visit from my father-in-law, the first since the pandemic began, my husband and I decided to tackle our books.

06 Aug 2022

Return of the farmer to bollywood

Bollywood has forgotten the Indian farmer,” argued journalist Amit Upadhyaya in a 2016 article.

02 Jul 2022

Gitanjali, Geetanjali

For the first time ever, a book written in an Indian language has won the prestigious Booker Prize, Geetanjali Shree's  Ret Samadhi or Tomb of Sand.

04 Jun 2022

Things to tell my critical-thinking students and other young people

Outside our classroom though, the world is crumbling, reliable sources are those who echo our biases and expect us to echo theirs, and critical thinking is quite definitively in retreat.

01 May 2022

A love letter to Jaipur

As I sit down to write this piece, in a hotel room in Jaipur, March is ending, the pandemic is retreating, and India is opening up.

02 Apr 2022

Writers and Women Writers

But the writer herself noted what was left unsaid by these well-meaning men: they themselves didn’t read her, wouldn’t read her. 

05 Mar 2022