Dia Rekhi

Vasco da Gama comes to Chennai

The Hilton’s food festival pays an ode to this Portugese explorer and his voyage through an array of delectable cuisines 

13 Jul 2019

Apps for an insatiable 'app'etite

Time-starved, convenience-seeking millennials are showing a growing hunger for food delivery apps

18 May 2019

Not a publicity ‘stent’, only medical science

Kauvery Hospital sucessfully treated a 69-year-old Andhra Pradesh resident using the technologically advanced Anaconda stent system

18 May 2019

2019: A beginner’s guide to stop spending and start saving

The dawn of the new year brings hope and optimism for a fresh start.

03 Jan 2019

Chennai’s tax consultants reaping GST windfall

With the launch of the new tax regime, Chennai’s tax consultants are gearing up for a turbulent period where the questions will increase and the answers will be hard to come by.

30 Jun 2017

Jallikattu protests: It ended the same way it started, with just a bunch of people

What started off with few people last Monday morning and spiralled into a huge mass movement ended the way it had begun – with 30 odd people.​

25 Jan 2017