Disha Jana

Explainer: 'Anonymous' unleashes Twitter storm with George Floyd claims, but who're they?

The group that has caused quite a stir, took to Twitter and other social media platforms a week ago to condemn the murder of 47-year-old George Floyd, who died after an officer knelt on his neck.

08 Jun 2020

Work comes to virtual standstill as super cyclone Amphan cuts Kolkata off the grid

As many people are working from home amid the escalating coronavirus outbreak, they are heavily reliant on broadband services to let their productivity shine. But the cyclone put paid to all that.

23 May 2020

Netflix's Magnificent Seven you possibly missed out on while bingeing on 'Money Heist'

Running out of shows to watch? Fret not. There are many shows from across the globe waiting to be discovered. Our pick of seven of the best.

05 May 2020