Disha Jana

"Old bat?": Olivia Colman sizzles in Season 3 of The Crown and how! 

With the popular Netflix period drama returning for its third season on November 17, there was a new challenge -- an entirely new cast.

21 Nov 2019

Why India won’t be rooting for Jagmeet Singh in the Canadian elections

Jagmeet has caught the attention of Canadians, many of whom see him as a fresh alternative. But for Indians, he might just be the more controversial candidate to root for, despite his Punjabi roots.

21 Oct 2019

Bapu at 150: 'Mahatma' through the eyes of Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King Jr.

Bapu was a beacon of light to not just 1.2 billion Indians but also to nobels like Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King Jr. Read on to learn how Mahatma was awe-inspiring to them.

10 Oct 2019

Valley of hope? What Kashmiri Pandits feel about the abrogation of Article 370

A chat with a few Kashmiri Pandits who are first and second-generation migrants revealed why the central government’s move is a possible game-changer for them.

06 Aug 2019

The Office India review: Brownie points for accuracy, but magic lost in translation

If you're a crazy fan of The Office, a binge watch of its Indian adaptation may not be on top of your weekend plans. However, for those curious to see how Hotstar has adapted the sitcom, read on.

03 Jul 2019