Dr T Jacob John and Dr M S Seshadri

India, the first nation to transition to endemic Covid

India has become the world’s first country to reach endemic prevalence. What does it mean for us? Dr T Jacob John and Dr MS Seshadri explain.

15 Nov 2021

Why we need to vaccinate our kids against Covid

Children may become the main source of continuing endemic transmission of Covid. To minimise transmission and mutation risks, inoculating them becomes a public health imperative

23 Oct 2021

A vaccine strategy for endemic Covid in India

A new wave seems improbable despite low vaccination coverage. So the jab approach can be redesigned to fulfil specific objectives that are the need of the hour

30 Sep 2021

A roadmap for reopening our schools

The lowest risk of disease is in the ages of 5 to 10 years. Obviously, primary schools are the best to pilot test reopening

24 Aug 2021

Covid deaths decelerating, data shows patients are being diagnosed late

Our analysis indicates that the 'numerical mortality peak of the second wave' will occur soon - within the next one week - and from then on, the number of deaths will steadily decline.

19 May 2021