Dyuti Roy

FemaPalooza: Girls just wanna have fun

Wisecracks, inappropriate jokes, laughter, and more—for some years now, the stand-up comedy trend has taken the country by storm.

2 hours ago

Framed perspective

This city exhibition displays an assortment of engaging images by global shutterbugs

30 Nov 2021

Carved visions of society

“Sculptures and carvings have been a part of Indian tradition for generations; however, they are not generally represented.

30 Nov 2021

Purani Dilli ke Naye Purane Nashte: Delhiites can have breakfast with twist here

Busting the myth, the walk’s menu consisted of vegetarian breakfast delicacies along with desserts iconic to the Jain and Baniya population of the region.

29 Nov 2021

Delhi Crafts Council honours 6 young artisans with Kamaladevi Puraskar 2021

India is a country replete with a number of unique heritage arts and crafts that need to be revived.

28 Nov 2021

Engaging Little Minds

The Bookaroo Festival, which continues till 4:30 pm Sunday, Nov 28, is bound to capture the hearts of the city’s youngsters and spread the joy of reading to them all.

28 Nov 2021

Drawn Delhi: This artist from CR Park deftly captures iconic places of Capital

A Jaipur native, Raj came to pursue his law degree in the city. Inclined towards painting from a young age, he decided to turn his passion into a profession shortly after graduation.

27 Nov 2021

Dare2Gear: These cycling enthusiasts have decided to take break from city life

The travel agency aims to awaken a feeling of adventure in citizens who are overworked and struggling to maintain work-life balance.

26 Nov 2021

Enroute Indian History: A (virtual) walk to remember Delhi's history

To bridge the growing disconnect between Delhi’s unparalleled history and its citizens, a few heritage organisations have started conducting digital walks so as to keep these experiences alive.

26 Nov 2021

Gone once, gone twice

Mumbai-based Historic Auctions Private Limited, a specialist automobile fine arts auction house has organised a preview of the 'Collectible Cars & Automotive Art' auction in Delhi.

25 Nov 2021

Homeward bound

A former employee at a printing press in Okhla, Nem Singh commutes every day from Rohini to Kucha Lalman just to sit quietly under the ancient peepal tree.

25 Nov 2021

Curated for the season

The city witnessed a dramatic number of weddings on Sunday, officially marking the advent of the shaadi season in Delhi-NCR.

24 Nov 2021

Timeless threads of tradition

Showcasing an array of regional handloom textiles, the ongoing ‘The Grand Handloom Fair’ pays homage to skilled craftspeople of India.

24 Nov 2021

Southex Books and Prints: Pages from the ages in Delhi

Hosting one of the only antiquarian stores in the Capital, Southex Books and Prints spells vintage from every corner. 

23 Nov 2021

Urban Sketchers Delhi chart out panoramic landscape and surroundings

There are several ways to capture the essence of a city. But, no one can bring out the nuances and characteristics of a space better than an artist.

22 Nov 2021