Dyuti Roy

Towards a sustainable tomorrow

Remember when the kabadiwala (scrap dealer) would come to your home once a month to collect the accumulated waste?

28 Jun 2022

On the move for the love of food

What does travelling mean to us? For many, it is a way of exploring new places, interacting with people, learning about heritage, and more.

18 Jun 2022

Embracing diversity with every step

The month of June is celebrated as Pride Month worldwide. 

17 Jun 2022

Creating conscious fashion, working towards a no-waste future

This Noida-based library attempts to create awareness of the potential and utility of discarded materials

17 Jun 2022

Heart, soul and a large dose of Hip-Hop

In this week’s Soundscape, we speak to Radia about his experience working with other Indian hip-hop artists, and more.

17 Jun 2022

Giving a traditional twist to wildlife art

The artistic marvels of Odisha and its rich culture had always had a deep influence on South Delhi-based visual artist Sudarshan Shaw, a native of Bhubaneswar.

16 Jun 2022

‘Gut’ well soon: How gut health helps in leading a healthy life

Health experts from Delhi-NCR give us a rundown on why and how improving gut health can translate into having a healthy life

15 Jun 2022

Online gaming: Time to hit pause 

Gamers from Delhi-NCR stress on why it is important for youngsters to enjoy online gaming without falling prey to compulsive behaviour.

15 Jun 2022

A novel perspective on Indian flavours

The various communities that have travelled to and settled in India have had a strong influence on the country’s fare.

14 Jun 2022

When fashion meets pride

It was in 2016 when Ashish Chopra (27) started his quest to find men’s footwear with heels in his shoe size.

14 Jun 2022

The ‘pawfect’ lives of pets

Reels featuring dogs with funny voiceovers or entertaining cat videos—if you regularly scroll through Instagram, you might have observed these visuals while refreshing your feed.

13 Jun 2022

Making plastic fantastic

While the upcoming blanket ban on single-use plastic is a welcome move, there is uncertainty about implementation and alternatives.

12 Jun 2022

When three’s a celebration

The founding member of Indian rock band Indian Ocean who left in 2013 to pursue a solo career, has since then introduced a range of new mixes as a way of broadening his musical spectrum. 

11 Jun 2022

A book for young minds who dream big

This book attempts to inspire both children and adults by highlighting the experiences of 65 innovative Indian change-makers and entrepreneurs

11 Jun 2022

Channeling an electro vibe

Electronic music has always been similar to an ancient communal ritual for South Patel Nagar-resident Sanil Sudan (34).

10 Jun 2022