Jiddu Krishnamurthi

Can the mind be free of fear?

The eagle in its flight does not leave a mark, only the scientist does.

12 Feb 2020

The game of illusion

Observation implies that there must be no distortion in our reading.

06 Feb 2020

The relationship of health to freedom

Freedom, health and the quality of energy that comes when one captures or sees, perceives the truth of all time contained in the now.

05 Feb 2020

The mirror of relationship

And outwardly there are wars, which man has lived with wars for thousands and thousands of years. We are trying to stop nuclear war but we have never stopped wars.

30 Jan 2020

The right kind of education

A school which is successful in the worldly sense is more often than not a failure as an educational centre.

29 Jan 2020

Challenges of modern times

Deep questions are being asked and I think we should, from the beginning, consider most objectively what is actually taking place.

16 Jan 2020

Seeking comfort

When you understand the experiences of life wholly, unreservedly, time ceases

15 Jan 2020