Jug Suraiya

Evolution-wise, men are going out of fashion

According to Science, men, all men, are definitely over the hill, evolutionarily speaking. And apparently it’s the fault of the Y chromosome.

08 Mar 2020

The manmade mountains of India

Take a plot of land and build one unit for one family, you get a one-off return. Take the same plot and stack up 20 units for 20 families, you realise 20 times the return.

09 Feb 2020

Kurukshetra replay: Landlords vs tenants

The way the landlord sees the tenant: Direct descendant of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence, via Hizbul Mujahideen.

02 Mar 2019

When language laughs at our attempts to make use of it

They’re a writer’s nightmare, call them what you will: misprints, literals, typos, errata, printer’s devils.

04 Nov 2017