K Shiva Shanker

Caste prejudice thriving in Telangana?

Though Madhavi's father claims he's not against inter-caste marriages, experts and activists have reasons to believe caste pride is ruining lives of many in the State.

20 Sep 2018

Young married couple attacked with machete in broad daylight by girl's father in Hyderabad

The father attacked the couple who were returning after a compromise meeting with both families that ended up in the couple walking out.

20 Sep 2018

Central fisheries institute develops kit to detect formalin in fish

Central Institute of Fisheries Technology - ICAR has developed a kit which can detect the presence of the chemical compound in just two minutes.

19 Jul 2018

‘Bat man’ throws light on how nipah spreads

Social media is filled with warnings on Nipah Virus, advising people on what to do and not to do.

23 May 2018

Half the CCTV cameras at Petlaburj government maternity hospital defunct

Of the 32 CCTV cameras at Modern Government Maternity Hospital, Petlaburj, only 14 are in working condition.

24 Oct 2017

Puri Jagannadh grilled for 10 hours, later denies doing drugs on Twitter

Jagannadh uploaded a video to his twitter account at 11.16 pm on Wednesday in which he denied having done anything illegal, including using drugs.

20 Jul 2017

Mascarenhas led cops to film industry

Tollywood’s link to the recent drug bust has been emerging from information reportedly gathered from one Calvin Mascarenhas.

15 Jul 2017

Drug network in city short of a cartel

While the drug network in Hyderabad could not gain the perfection of a drug cartel, it has been flourishing under kingpins peddlers who are key in delivering the drugs to customers.

05 Jul 2017

NDRF deploys victim locating cameras for rescue operations at building collapse site in Hyderabad

Kuldeep, deputy commandant, NDRF told Express that they breach the wall and insert victim locating camera which relays images to screen in hand.

09 Dec 2016