Kandaswami Subramanian

IMF and the Sri Lanka bailout drama

How many more International Monetary Fund programmes will Lanka need to put itself through to reach that manna of economic stabilisation?

07 May 2022

Ukraine invasion: Sanctions are not forever

Whatever the objectives behind these sanctions against Russia, they will destroy a global order that was evolved during recent decades, paradoxically, under US leadership.

23 Mar 2022

Yuan’s seat at the global high table

The increase in the number of sanctions adopted indiscriminately by the US is driving many countries away from the dollar.

22 Feb 2022

Loving and loathing of foreign donations

While we love FDI and remittances from abroad, foreign donations to civil society organisations are loathed and viewed with suspicion. Why is there a dichotomy in our perceptions?

21 Jan 2022

Is the U.S. Fed’s faster tapering too optimistic?

The Fed hoped to have them all: strong economy, job growth, stable inflation. It has remained elusive so far.

27 Dec 2021

The dragon at the doors of the US

Consumer prices in the US have jumped in October at the fastest rate in three decades. If inflation persists in the US, there is risk of dollar appreciation with adverse consequences for India.

27 Nov 2021

Nobel reward for the love of labour

Nobel awards in Economics have tended to favour economists who work on exotic, esoteric and algorithm-based areas that appear far removed from reality and the demands of the current times.

18 Oct 2021