Likhitha Prasanna

Wine, dine and everything fine

Grand Hyatt Kochi Bolgatty’s Colony Clubhouse and Grill is reinventing fine dining for Kochi’s connoisseurs with its new menu

02 Dec 2021

When Kayal calls...

The term kayal refers to the vast backwaters. Kayal Island Retreat at Kakkathuruthu  — a quaint island along Kaithapuzha lake — embodies the simplicity and serenity of  lives along Kerala’s unexplored

23 Oct 2021

Brunch punch!

Have you tried the brunch spread at PGS Vedanta yet?

21 Oct 2021

In tune with nature

Shanka Tribe’s newest release When Nature Calls has left us wanting to be one with the wild

16 Oct 2021

Dum, Rum and then some!

Two Malayali entrepreneurs are running a restaurant in Brisbane, Australia, that serves the most authentic Kerala dishes, and specials like our very own naadan kallu!

14 Oct 2021

Getting help: Easier said than done

When we discuss mental health, therapy is one of the first things that come to mind

09 Oct 2021

Busting the ‘get over it’ myth

“Sleeping well, eating healthy, working out and having a routine are supportive factors that help stop the onset of a disorder.

09 Oct 2021

Are we equipped to help?

When she read about schizophrenia in a newspaper article, she figured the symptoms match that of her daughter. “We took her to a private hospital in Kakkanand, Kochi.

09 Oct 2021

A flavourful fusion

Uttarakhand-native Chef Tanuj Bahuguna, the new executive chef of Kochi Marriott Hotel is bringing to the table all the best flavours the country can offer

30 Sep 2021

A bite of the outdoors 

The Le Méridien Kochi’s ‘Car-Go Bites’ is back after a break, with pet-friendly outdoor seating, revamped menu and great ambience

09 Sep 2021

Bengaluru's hip-hop industry grooves amid COVID-19

Bengaluru-based musicians Hanumankind and Parimal Shais' new single is a earworm packed with dopamine rush.

03 Sep 2021