Moyurie Som

Kolkata epicentre of USD 20 billion call centre scam? Video by YouTube sleuths goes viral

Despite reaching out to the Kolkata Police with all the evidence they collected, they have so far not received news of any step being taken to investigate these call centres

10 May 2022

Stock markets 101: A five-step guide to IPO investing

Holding shares in an IPO listing is a commitment that often warrants a leap of faith, however, making an informed choice while applying is not entirely impossible. How, you ask? Expert tips.

04 May 2022

'This was all China's and Pakistan's plan': Talking Afghanistan with Kolkata's Kabuliwalas

Although 'Kabuliwalas' are popularly known to be moneylenders, according to Amir, the Pathans in Kolkata are currently engaged in a variety of professions like selling clothes and dry fruits.

25 Aug 2021