P R Kumaraswamy

Drone attack heightens tensions in the Gulf

The latest attack will be seen as another sign of Iran’s political desire and military willingness for domination

19 Jan 2022

Growing regional tensions over Iran

If Israel’s diplomatic offensive is increasingly focusing on Tehran, the Iranian media is highlighting the Supreme Leader’s 2013 statement.

23 Dec 2021

Preparing for a post-Abbas Palestinian leadership

Mohammed Dahlan’s Moscow visit indicates that some external players are preparing themselves for the post-Abbas Palestinian leadership

22 Nov 2021

New Quad signals India’s strategic shift in Middle East

The new Middle Eastern Quad will push India to transform itself. While the US might be more lenient towards Indian stretchable time, Israel and the UAE are impatient countries.

22 Oct 2021

Can Taliban takeover reframe Indian thinking?  

In several ways, the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan can be a game-changer in India’s worldview and policymaking strategies. New Delhi wants to play a role in shaping the future of that country, but n

29 Sep 2021

Should India recognise Hamas?

Indeed, Hamas is better placed today than it was in January 2006 and the current round of violence is part of its political campaign.

19 May 2021