Pankaj Chopra

Strategise putting your money in the current wave of new-age businesses 

At that time, there was a great rush to try and consolidate position.

22 Nov 2021

Investor activism and its impact on company performance

Firstly, while in an electoral exercise there are parties and their backing, there is no known block of votes that has already been delivered to a particular candidate.

07 Nov 2021

Investing into various stages during a company’s life cycle

Angel investing has over the last few years become much more organised. There are platforms that have been developed where both investors and fundraising companies are associated. 

25 Oct 2021

Measure and manage risks on your investments

We say that risk and returns go hand in hand, which means if you want to increase returns on your investments, you need to take more risks.

11 Oct 2021

Why do we have indices and how to benefit from them

An Index is like an indicator or a marker. It shows you a level. On its own, it does not have any meaning, but comparing it to its historical levels, it can show trends and provide insights.

13 Sep 2021

Role of Sectoral & Thematic Funds in your Portfolio

The phrases - sectoral fund and thematic fund are used fairly commonly and most mutual fund houses have launched schemes that would qualify for one of the categories.

30 Aug 2021

Decoding the science and art of investing

Today, there are domestic and international courses specific to investing that are available to anyone who wants to pursue either a career or manage her/his own investments.

16 Aug 2021

Ways to manage debt investments

Given the conservative approach of Indian investors, a large part of their investments comprises debt or fixed income products.

02 Aug 2021

Beginners’ guide to diversification

Some were made by different entities of the same promoter group, while many produced in the same company itself.

19 Jul 2021

What separates equities from other available asset classes? 

Equity markets are open each trading day to make money without the risk of illiquidity that real estate and private equity bring. All you need to know is which ones to buy.

12 Jul 2021

'Hold on to equity investments as long as you can'

Investment into real estate is probably for the real long term. Similarly, the affinity of Indians to gold is such that the term of holding actually spans generations.

28 Jun 2021

Market talks with experts: Plurality of asset allocation

Unfortunately, unlike in science or more so in mathematics, where whatever method you use, there is only one correct answer: there is no correct answer.

14 Jun 2021