Parvathi Benu

COVID-19: Social distancing goes for a toss outside NEET centres in Kochi

However, many turned a deaf ear to her and continued crowding outside the gate, watching their wards move inside the building. 

14 Sep 2020

This English teacher is an instant hit for her online lessons, but trolled mercilessly

 Like every other year, the schools reopened on June 1.

03 Jun 2020

From pram to placards: How citizens took to the streets against CAA

 A pram isn’t something one would normally associate with a protest, least of all a protest venue.

24 Dec 2019

With an incredible leap, this Kerala woman lawyer raises bar on aspirants

Neena  K G has bought a few new clothes to dress up for the occasion. On Sunday, she will enrol as a lawyer with the Bar Council of Kerala.

11 Dec 2019

'I apologise to people of Kerala': Why SFI's V P Sanu disbanded University College Unit after comrade stabs comrade

On Friday, Akhil, a III year BA History student of University College, Thiruvananthapuram was stabbed by the college's SFI Unit Secretary Nazeem and president Sivanjith.

13 Jul 2019

Bend it like Becks, sway like a dream

This initiative is roping kids into school through soccer and dance, finds Parvathi Benu

16 Oct 2016

Fashion studies move beyond the 'image' trap

Learning how to produce clothes is just the tip of the iceberg in the industry, says Pearl Academy’s new CEO to Parvathi Benu

10 Oct 2016