Rachel Dammala

No more cheat days? It’s never too late to switch to healthy eating habits

Several eateries in the city — big and small — have been redoing and changing the way food is cooked, to ensure people don’t think twice before they head out to eat.

9 hours ago

Thriving behind the scenes

The stuntman, who debuted in actor Sai Dharam Tej’s Thikka, went on to act in films such as RRR, Geetha Govindam, World Famous Lover, Pagal and Hit - The First Case.

30 Jun 2022

Don’t ignore that jerk

Osteoarthritis is beginning to plague the younger generation today, but doctors share that it is easily preventable and controlled.

29 Jun 2022

When the doctor takes a break

Being a doctor is no cakewalk, especially in the world of cosmetics — but well-known dentist Dr Namrata Rupani, founder & CEO of Capture Life Dental Care, Banjara Hills, knows how to thrive!

29 Jun 2022

A wedding with poise and purpose

A wedding begins with the many creative invites but the amount of paper, plastic and eco-waste that goes into the making of these cards is no secret.

28 Jun 2022

Faux-ney freckles

The trend of faux freckles is becoming increasingly popular in the country. Make-up artists and influencers share what it’s all about, and if we’re going too far with it

28 Jun 2022

Watch your eye

Infections spread during rain due to increased moisture in the air 

22 Jun 2022

Rain or shine,  Yoga’s his lifeline   

Muppena Venkateshwarlu, a retired officer, earned himself the title of Yoga Master back in 2005.

21 Jun 2022

Music beyond artistic value

On International Music Day, musician and Carnatic vocalist Prachotan Devulapalli opens up to CE about music being more than food for the soul. He says it’s also exercise for the mind

21 Jun 2022

Pretty Peach  

As we experience the last weekend of the summer, it’s time to say goodbye to the heat with some refreshing foods and drinks.

18 Jun 2022

Aiming for the winning goal

From bravely taking up a not-so-popular sport for the love of it, to acing it and making the country proud, Hyderabad’s prodigy Adarsh Kandika was born for more than just woodball.

16 Jun 2022

The final word

whole foods vs supplement, we attempt to solve it once and for all, as we speak to doctors and nutritionists who dissect the ongoing discussion for an accurate conclusion.

15 Jun 2022

Wonder drug worth the wonderment?

Dr M Srinivas, oncologist, Kamineni-American Oncology Institute, LB Nagar, begins by explaining how and why the drug worked.

15 Jun 2022

Curl care & cure

As monsoon sets in, CE speaks to experts, who share ways to care for your curly locks to look their glorious best

14 Jun 2022

Skin fasting: Yay or nay?

Skin fasting is a new-age beauty trend where you give your skin a complete detox from all products.

14 Jun 2022