Rajitha S

Meghana Shanbough becomes first woman fighter pilot from South

It was a continuous effort, with a plan that was chalked out when she first got a taste of flight a few years ago.

17 Jun 2018

Is pornography to blame for increase in sexual crimes?

Some experts feel that easy access to Internet and addiction to pornography are desensitising people to sexual crimes.

20 May 2018

Is pornography to blame for increase in sexual crimes?

Some experts feel that easy access to internet and addiction to pornography is desensitising people to sexual crimes.

15 May 2018

Drastic fall in number of children available for adoption in Telangana 

The last few months has seen a rise in the deaths of infants in Shishu Gruhas in Hyderabad and Nalgonda. 

13 May 2018

Conviction rate in POCSO cases low in Telangana

A look at the statistics of POCSO cases that reach its logical conclusion with convictions in Telangana reveal that there are more number of acquittals compared to convictions.

29 Apr 2018

What’s the point of death penalty if most child rape cases are settled out of court?

Though people seem to be happy with President's approval for an Ordinance allowing courts to award death penalty to those convicted of raping children below 12 years of age, several experts feel it ma

23 Apr 2018

Retrial possible, but tedious: Lawyers on Hyderabad Mecca Masjid blast case

Questioning  the NIA’s probe and choice of prosecutor, Hyderabad MP and MIM supremo Asaduddin Owaisi has been raising demands for a retrial in the case.

20 Apr 2018

20 years since birth of law, sex determination goes on unabated

It has been more than 20 years since the Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques (Prevention and Regulation of Misuse) (PNDT)Act 2002 was formulated. Yet, poor implementation of the same

17 Dec 2017

Why are students in Telangana’s corporate colleges so distressed?

Lack of counselling and highly stressful routine push youths to take their own lives

14 Oct 2017

A tense Eid for Rohingyas in Hyderabad

While it is evident that lives of Rohingya Muslims are at risk in Myanmar, TS police will soon start its screening process to deport them

03 Sep 2017

No ID means no jobs for 3,800 Rohingya refugees in Hyderabad

India, not being party to 1951 Refugee Convention or its 1967 protocol, has no national refugee protection framework. So, govt doesn’t recognise them as citizens

20 Jun 2017

Case of chained woman in Hyderabad home for disabled exposes state of mental health care in city

The case of the young woman found naked and chained at a city home for the disabled has exposed the sorry state of affairs with regard to homelessness and mental health care in Hyderabad, if not in Te

31 May 2017

‘No one should be left in a home or centre indefinitely’

Activists are aghast at what has happened in the woman’s case even as officials seem to lack clarity on the future course of action and treatment as per the law

31 May 2017

Beyond borders

While writing the book ‘Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah – The marriage that shook India’ author Sheela Reddy stumbled upon interesting margin notes in the books owned by the couple.

16 May 2017

Accused should have been hanged before, fume eyewitnesses

For people working in Padmavati Matching Centre, a few feet away from the spot when the horrific bomb blast in Dilshukhnagar occurred almost three years ago, it feels like yesterday.

20 Dec 2016