Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Talent survives all else: Bhanu Uday Goswami

The makers and the channel were familiar with my work and knew about my reputation as an actor.

13 hours ago

The natural connection

Shalimar Bagh residents Akshit Goel and Shivangi Mittal talk about launching The Natural Wash, a skin and haircare brand, on bootstrapped budget in 2019, and their vision for its future

11 Apr 2021

‘Everyone must learn Taekwondo’

Ajay Dalal on being shortlisted for selection trails for Tokyo Olympics 2021

10 Apr 2021

Non Communicable Diseases are the reason for 40 per cent hospital stays: Dr Prathap C Reddy

The good news is that around 80 per cent of mortality from NCDs is preventable with early detection and proper management.

09 Apr 2021

Hiccups: Causes and Prevention

Santosh Mehta, 73, had been living a healthy life till one day he had hiccups that went on for 30-40 seconds.

07 Apr 2021

How to build a healthy world

Most people are unaware of how food affects their health and go on abusing their bodies by consuming junk food till a disease is manifested in their body.

06 Apr 2021

Theatre is a good training ground: Pavleen Gujral

Working in theatre helps you learn everything, from acting to singing and dancing to oration and recitation, the Bhor actress said.

05 Apr 2021

Strong roles attract me, says Kamna Pathak

Kamna Pathak did her first play at the age of five, which paved the way for her participation in extra-curricular activities throughout her school days in Singrauli, Madhya Pradesh.

03 Apr 2021

Why you must not ignore regular fatigue or mild fever

Sometimes, the symptoms are so unnoticeable that one may miss them altogether, and reach an advanced stage.

24 Mar 2021

Meeting of two worlds: How a dentist and auto expert came together for electric two-wheeler startup

Dentist Rupali and auto expert Jeetender Sharma on successfully running their electric two-wheeler manufacturing business and life in tandem.

21 Mar 2021

Women shine in India Inc

The 2020 survey covered more industries, apart from the usual suspects IT & Finance.

20 Mar 2021

One must never sit idle, says Sambhav Jain who has multiple projects lined up

Preet Vihar resident Sambhav Jain, 27, is very excited these days. His stint as a cop in the new Hot Star web series, Rudrakal, has been lauded.

19 Mar 2021

Strings of success

The duo is now paying back the maestro with the Legacy Concert the first leg of which was held yesterday at the Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre.

14 Mar 2021

Bringing Kota Doria to the fore

From starting her venture at home on a bootstrapped-budget in 2014 to running a business with an annual turnover of Rs 4 crore today, Anjali Agrawal sure has come a long way.

13 Mar 2021

Delhi University staff awaits its dues

The staff of 12 DU colleges have been at their wits’ end on how to manage daily expenses after not receiving salaries since November 2020

11 Mar 2021