Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

An artistic ensemble of hope

While the artists have worked on varied themes, a few subjects that overlap include conservation of endangered species, urbanisation, global warming, feminism, and spiritual harmony.

07 Sep 2021

Lounging and working together: Founders of loungewear and nightwear 'BeLuxe World' an unlikely combination

After shifting to India I found an amazing friend in my sister-in-law, that’s how we could launch BeLuxe World in November 2020.”

05 Sep 2021

Warriors of clean air

A citizen collective has been campaigning against local environment issues

04 Sep 2021

For the love of pickles

It began 20 years ago, when Maharani Bagh resident Suman Sood started selling her much-loved jars of pickles.

03 Sep 2021

Open schools in a phased manner using tech: Experts

This issue was ighlighted at a recent webinar titled ‘How to Reopen Schools Safely’, organised by Shycocan Corporation.

02 Sep 2021

Divinity decoded

The landscapes in fluid acrylic on canvas by Jewellery Designer-turned-Artist Sonam Gupta is an ode to Mother Nature.

02 Sep 2021

An ode to journalists

Mridula Ghai has written 22 poems in Hindi and a few in English ever since she began in April. 

01 Sep 2021

How the Afghan crisis has impacted reading habits

City folks are staying abreast of the Afghanistan crisis through books and discussions

29 Aug 2021

Transcending struggles for sustenance

Article 377 was declared unconstitutional three years ago, after which many LGBTQ+ members came out in public, about their identity.

28 Aug 2021

Cakeful of emotions

Annantika Vig joined an online baking workshop to learn the intricacies of baking, after which she launched her venture in April.

27 Aug 2021

Spare the trees, Stop going concrete

Cemented  roadsides in Noida have led to trees dying prematurely among other environmental concerns

26 Aug 2021

Mum’s the word: Here's a startup that aims to empower new mothers with the right services, products

Wabi Babi was founded with a mission to provide the right products, information, and services that a mother would need, for herself and her baby in the first year of motherhood.

24 Aug 2021

The magic of Baluchari weaves

 A show of 30 rare Baluchari saris harks back to scenes from the British Raj. It also pays ode to textile art historian Jasleen Dhamija

24 Aug 2021

Of beauty in chaotic cities: Delhi-based painter's work on urban crowds brings personal struggles

Getting an art education was not easy for Nandi who got into many arguments with his father about his career choice.

23 Aug 2021

Turning beauty secrets to a business idea

“My mother would make her own hair oil, hair pack and shampoo using kitchen ingredients, which I too learnt and these came in handy after I got married,” says Rita.

20 Aug 2021