Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Never ignore a heartburn!

Doctors say that occasional heartburn is nothing to worry about – common antacids are good enough to treat it – but if it happens more than twice a week, one must not ignore it.

24 Feb 2021

Heads up for to-be grooms

If designers are getting experimental with safas, it is because grooms don’t want to sport old staid pieces and are looking for innovations that give them a contemporary dapper look.

29 Dec 2019

‘Indian cuisine is gaining popularity’: Chef Davinder Kumar

ICF is the oldest and largest association of professional chefs across India.

19 Oct 2019

'Kaalkoot' book review: A racy thriller that keeps you on the edge

Debutant author S Venkatesh weaves a thrilling adventure that is unputdownable. 

28 Apr 2019

For trendy looks, visit Boho bazaar

Participating in the bazaar are 50 vendors from across the country, who sell only through the word of mouth or social media apps like Instagram. 

18 Jan 2019