Ramu R

Kashmir, fiercely alluring

Aymanam Raveendran’s brief stint in Kashmir during the floods in 2014 led to ‘Kashmirile Kumkuma Pularikal’

10 Mar 2021

Pythons find safe haven in Maradu ward, residents live in fear

Empty private lands overgrown with bushes located on either side of the Koladathu bund road also provides the snakes ample cover.

06 Feb 2021

Backwaters waste away

Gone are the days of pristine backwaters.

05 Feb 2021

Kochi suburbs witness a spike in COVID-19 cases despite efforts of authorities

According to health officials, Thrikkakara municipality has reported the highest number in the past six months.

02 Feb 2021

CSML projects hit roadblocks

Commuters on TD Road that runs through Kochi’s commercial hotspots still have to put up with a pungent foul smell emanating from open canals, dust, narrow roads and traffic congestion.

29 Jan 2021

Kerala bag one gold, two silver and a bronze at national junior athletic meet in Bhopal

Ancy Sojan and Suryajith RK also had a solid outing at the championship by securing silver medals at the championship.

27 Jan 2021

After eight months, Durbar Hall gallery opens doors to art lovers

 First physical exhibition to be held in the city after the pandemic closed doors of art galleries across the state is currently under way at Lalithakala Akademi, Durbar Hall gallery.

14 Jan 2021

Barely amused

For the owners of many entertainment and gaming centres across the city, the pandemic turned all plates.

12 Jan 2021

In this hamlet, sorrows know how to swim

With their homes flooded by filthy water, the lives of Kannupillai Kettu residents in Vypin are far from ordinary,

08 Jan 2021

Kochi football referees turn to odd jobs amid pandemic

Last year, Liju V M was preoccupied with refereeing matches in the I-League 2nd Division.

07 Jan 2021

Waste takes over Queen’s Walkway

Food and plastic waste dumped on the service road near Queen’s Walkway, one of the busiest waterfront spots in the city near Chathiath road, is becoming an eyesore.

06 Jan 2021

Seeding interest in mushrooms

Shije Varghese was unaware of the market for mushrooms when she started out 13 years ago.  Now, she has progressed to train people and officers alike in mushroom farming, reports Ramu R

03 Jan 2021

Pedestrians lose their way

The Lack of adequate parking spaces in the city has been a long-standing issue haunting Kochiites.

29 Dec 2020

'Project Ganitham' to strengthen math skills of high school kids in Kochi

Around 2,500 students from various schools across the state are currently enrolled under the teaching programme. 

24 Dec 2020

V4Kochi, residents resist road tarring

The dilapidated state of the untarred stretch of road between St Pius X Church on SRM Road and NK Sreedharan road in Pachalam has got motorists and commuters worried.

22 Dec 2020