Ridhima Gupta

Hyderabad's Bowenpally market's vegetable waste generates electricity, biofuel

Tonnes of vegetable waste being produced everyday at the Bowenpally market is now being converted into biofuel and electricity that light up the market’s kitchen and stalls

18 Jan 2021

Fisheries, mutton sectors in Telangana thrive amid bird flu scare

The scare of contracting the disease, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, has hit egg and chicken consumption, as well as the exports from the State.

13 Jan 2021

NECC wary over slump in demand

Rumours of bird flu spreading through the consumption of eggs and chicken are causing panic among the people, thereby affecting the poultry business.

07 Jan 2021

Already hit by COVID-19, delay in Naumish exhibition spells doom for Kashmiri traders in Hyderabad

Started in 1938, the All India Industrial Exhibition witnesses the annual participation of traders and artisans from far and wide.

01 Jan 2021

Women can now file complaints via WhatsApp calls in Hyderabad

Once the complaint is filed through the call, a text message will be sent to the complainant stating that his/her complaint has been filed.

28 Dec 2020

'Sky full of stars' abuzz with visitors in Hyderabad's Birla Planetarium

Apart from the gripping cosmic space show, visitors can also browse the Dinosaurium, the Space and Science Museum, and the Modern Art Gallery, situated on the same premises.

20 Dec 2020

Anaemia in Telangana girls up by five per cent, school closure may worsen trend

According to NFHS data, of the total number of women suffering from anaemia, 58.9 per cent belong to the rural parts of the State, while 55.2 per cent are from the urban areas.

14 Dec 2020

Sale of commercial LPG cylinders remains low since Covid lockdown

Meanwhile, the city, which has more than 45 lakh gas connections, has seen an increase in the sale of 14.2 kg LPG cylinders used for domestic purposes.

12 Dec 2020

Cable bridge boosts appeal of boating

Soon as the Tourism Department launched the boating services on Durgam Cheruvu, citizens have been flocking to the spot

10 Dec 2020

Hyderabad ranks fifth in urban quality of life

Hyderabad has been ranked fifth among 14 metro cities of the country in the Urban Quality of Life (UQoL) list, compiled by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B).

08 Dec 2020

14-year-old Telangana girl builds GPS walking stick for elderly

The three young innovators worked under the guidance of their Zilla Parishad school teachers.

04 Dec 2020

Firecracker ban a rude shock for sellers

On being informed about the ban, he refused to believe it and seemed confident that his stall would not be affected.  

13 Nov 2020

Firecracker sales fizzle out in Hyderabad due to COVID-19 and rains

Unlike last years, the usual hustle and bustle at many of the city's markets selling crackers, including Begum Bazar, Chandanagar, Kukatpally, Miyapur and Secunderabad was sorely missing this year.

12 Nov 2020

Citing pollution, greens, experts seek ban on firecrackers in Telangana ahead of Diwali

Policy analyst Narasimha Reddy slammed the apathy of government bodies on the issue.

09 Nov 2020

Sunny side up

Brought to its knees by the lockdown, the TS poultry industry is now slowly getting back on its feet with the government encouraging consumers to eat more chicken and eggs to boost immunity

08 Nov 2020