Sahana Iyer

Pictures with a purpose

A weekend photo walk by Madras Photo Bloggers and Tamil Nadu Tourism offered amateur shutterbugs a chance to tell stories in frames

21 hours ago

A day of illuminating insights

On her day out with Nethrodaya’s C Govindakrishnan, Sahana Iyer learns about the gaps in accessibility for the visually impaired

14 Oct 2021

Trending with traditions

Taking the golu game a notch higher is Nandhini Venkatesh, who has set up more than 3,000 bommais
and idols in nine themes at her three-storey home in Nolmabur

12 Oct 2021

Garba grooves in Golu land

Long-time residents of the Gujarati community in Chennai recount decades of Navratri celebrations in the city and the traditions that they brought from home

09 Oct 2021

Competitions over a cuppa

Coffee is not just a beverage anymore, it’s a cultural experience,” starts Manessa Raghavan, and I could not agree more.

08 Oct 2021

All about olive oil

Like many, I treat myself quite generously at my parents’ home, where there is a seemingly endless supply of things and money is no concern (to me).

06 Oct 2021

The rescue runners

On World Animal Day, Sahana Iyer brings you five stories of strains and struggles of rescuers, feeders, and foster parents, who are giving the abandoned a second chance at life

04 Oct 2021

Pouring out new records

Several minutes and the arrival of a stream of people later, it was time for the big event. 

03 Oct 2021

Making memories of Madras matter

Krishna P Unny’s Instagram page Madrastically Yours is a treasure trove of tidbits and trivia about the city

02 Oct 2021

Ideas of identity   

Photography is a prolific tool of documentation.

02 Oct 2021

Pawsome People Project: Stray thoughts, swift action

Amid the lush green surroundings in a neighbourhood in Pallikaranai stands a pistachio-coloured house and on Sunday, I found myself at its gate, rather early for an event.

28 Sep 2021

Signing a new language 

As per WHO estimates in India, there are 63 million deaf people in our country.

24 Sep 2021

Signing a new language

Currently, there are only 325 certified sign language interpreters listed by the Indian Sign Language Research and Training Centre.

23 Sep 2021

Opening the pages to mental health discussions

Working in the human resources industry, Viji has dealt with sexual harassment, discrimination and mental wellness cases for several years.

21 Sep 2021

Art is at the heart of this Haat

A cup of hot tea seemed to be the perfect solution to the hour-long drive to Mahabalipuram.

21 Sep 2021