Saurabh Saxena

Dikpala ceiling panels in Karnataka temples

Over time, a need would have arisen to standardise these directions, which would have led to the division of space.

21 Jun 2022

The eternal dice game of Shiva and Parvati

The Rameshvara Cave sculpture is a single panel divided into two parts.

26 May 2022

The sculptural marvels of MP’s Gyaraspur

Situated on NH146 connecting Bhopal to Sagar, Gyaraspur awaits its transformation into a highway tourist attraction allowing travellers to get a glimpse of its architectural treasures.

29 Apr 2022

Understanding iconography of Shiva-Ekapada-murti

Mahesha-murti is the sakala image of Lord Shiva and the Lord manifests from it in his various forms representing different lilas in saumya or raudra character.

04 Apr 2022

Finding the Thiruvarur legend in Lepakshi, AP

The Virabhadra Temple in Andhra Pradesh’s Lepakshi is famous for its Vijayanagara period architecture and mural paintings.

07 Mar 2022

Annapurna icons in a drought-prone UP region temple

The Jarai Math temple, located in Baruasagar town in the Jhansi district of Uttar Pradesh, is a Gurjara-Pratihara period temple of the 9th–10th century CE.

11 Feb 2022

The Great Penance: Is it Arjuna or Bhagiratha?

These two legends, Arjuna’s quest for Pashupatastra and Bhagiratha’s feat for bringing Ganga to the Earth, are found in the Mahabharata.

30 Dec 2021

Narratives around the birth of Kartikeya

The birth of Kartikeya is of a complex nature and in multiple narratives, Agni, Ganga, Krittikas and Shiva are variously attributed as his parents.

07 Dec 2021

Kadwaya and the ‘drunken peacocks’ of MP

Kadwaya village in Madhya Pradesh boasts of 15 temples, a Shaiva monastery, a few tanks, a fortress, a mosque, etc., all evidence of its past fame and eminence.

09 Nov 2021

Evolution of nava-grahas: seven, eight and finally nine

To find answers to the evolution of the grahas, we need to dig into the annals of ancient Indian astrology and astronomy.

06 Oct 2021

Shiva as Linga and Lingin & a sculpture in TN

The sculpture showing Shiva with a linga emerging behind him. Shiva is shown with four arms and is seated in maharajalilasana-mudra.

09 Sep 2021

Shivalinga: Movement of formless to form

While a Shivalinga represents the Para-Shiva, a Mukhalinga (with one or multiple faces) represents the Sadashiva.

09 Aug 2021