Sharmi Adhikary

Of rhythm and blues: Inside the home of Vraj:bhoomi’s owners

The home of clothing label Vraj:bhoomi owners, Bhoomi Dani and Priyam Shah, is not only about celebrating raw beauty, but also a reflection of the brand’s ethos and design philosophy.

11 Jun 2022

Scent and Sensibility

New fragrance label Hrisikesh seeks to reignite the essence for the Indian way of life

30 Apr 2022

Kolkata's The Olde House Eatery teases taste buds fond of European fare

Bringing back popular dishes eaten in colonial Calcutta, The Olde House Eatery is teasing taste buds fond of European fare

08 Jan 2022

The colours of real India 

Long before sustainability became a buzzword, Chinar Farooqui’s clothing brand, Injiri, has been celebrating indigenous weaves and ancient Indian handloom traditions for well over a decade

20 Aug 2021

The Era of Imperial Elegance: Regal accoutrements form the core of former royal Maayankraj Singh’s Atelier Shikaarbagh

Detailed construction and tasteful embellishment form the core of former royal Maayankraj Singh’s Atelier Shikaarbagh

31 Jul 2021

Satyajit Ray reimagined as raiment: Designer Agnik Ghosh creates 'wearable art' inspired by legendary filmmaker's works

The silhouettes have been achieved through ruching, pleating, smocking as well as puff sleeves, bishop sleeves, long glass sleeves and bagalbandi coats, with highlights of symmetry and asymmetry.

05 Jun 2021

When old is new

Aanchal Sagar Jain and her sister, Akshita Sagar, launched Ohfab about a year ago to do something they felt passionately about, to restore and revive the lost weaves and textiles.

21 Apr 2018