Sharmi Adhikary

A stitch in time saves lives

Paalaguttapalle women in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh rise to the occasion in the battle for survival

20 Feb 2021

Presenting the past: Craftsman puts ancient techniques on embroidery

Craft revivalist Pankaj S Chadha considers himself the custodian of ancient techniques showcasing the wizardry of award-winning artisans.

13 Feb 2021

Break for sustainable fashion in India on the horizon as pollution, wastage concerns rise

The fashion industry’s annual production is 400 billion square metre of textiles leading to cutting room floor waste of 60 billion square metre.

02 Jan 2021

The purpose of beauty: Renouncing toxic products

In the face of rising ethical questions, brands are ushering in the age of purity. Still at a nascent stage, it holds tremendous promise.

17 Oct 2020

When old is new

Aanchal Sagar Jain and her sister, Akshita Sagar, launched Ohfab about a year ago to do something they felt passionately about, to restore and revive the lost weaves and textiles.

21 Apr 2018