Sharon Dasari

‘Grief is an important emotion’

Grief may transpire with losing your loved ones, losing your job, separating from your partner, or being separated from something you were associated with for a very long time.

18 Mar 2023

Ragas and resonance: Rishab's tour of ‘Sitar for Mental Health’ reaches Hyderabad

In conversation with CE, Rishab talks about his journey from learning a guitar as a hobby to playing sitar for others and his sanity.

31 Jan 2023

Revolutionising custom-built systems

The MVP has supplied many photogrammetry companies and has been able to provide them with high-end configurations that other companies have not been able to match, hinted him.

28 Jan 2023

Oriental saga

After welcoming with a warm bowl of Wonton Soup with glass noodles, a wide variety of authentic dim sums like Truffle Edamame Dimsums and Veg crystal Dumplings were on the platter.

28 Jan 2023

Food, fun & festival

Rahul Dua had us rolling in laughter, while Anuv Jain’s performance left our hearts overflowing with warmth and joy.

24 Jan 2023

Down the memory lane

CE speaks to fans and experts to find out more about the trend of re-releasing old classic movies

19 Jan 2023

Fight cervical cancer the right way

As the month of January is celebrated as Cervical Health Awareness Month globally, CE speaks to experts about how to stay aware to stay safe

18 Jan 2023

Indian culinary treasure hunt kicks off

Indian Culinary Treasures Hunt aims to find the eight home cooks creating eight cuisines around the country in 8 major days, and the winner of the contest is to include their dish in the menu.

12 Jan 2023

Ikebana, bridging relations via flowers

CE checks out the annual exhibition of Ikebana International Hyderabad, titled Silver Lining

07 Jan 2023

Compost, the way ahead

The peels of fruit such as pomegranates and oranges are rich in minerals such as potassium, calcium, and vitamin C.

07 Jan 2023