Shyam Yadagiri

The art of staying in control and being happy

Swami Mukundananda’s book launched in the city talks about ‘the mindset’ we all need.

10 Dec 2019

An app that rewards healthy lifestyle

Today, more number of city-dwellers are facing a range of lifestyle-related ailments such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. 

05 Dec 2019

Hyderabad witness three singing legends in a first: KJ Yesudas, SP Balasubrahmanyam, KS Chithra

Renowned singers KJ Yesudas, SP Balasubrahmanyam and KS Chithra mesmerise the music-lovers at LB Stadium in Hyderabad on Saturday.

01 Dec 2019

'Virtual reality education tools promise an exciting time'

At present, the education system in our country places emphasis on rote learning. In the race to get more marks, students undergo tremendous pressure.

26 Nov 2019

Hyderabad--based artist shares French connection after trip to Bordeaux

Using metaphors, 36-year-old city-based artist and educationist Sunil Lohar says he looks to highlight individual actions or emotions that come together to create a story, a common allegory.

19 Nov 2019

Telangana's tribal and folk musical instruments being preserved for the future

The people who can make such instruments, play them and repair them are diminishing in alarming numbers.

12 Nov 2019

‘Need of the hour: Intellectually strong individuals’

Today, we see conflict everywhere. Instead of promoting a sense of unity and belongingness, religion is becoming the cause of division and discord.

09 Nov 2019

‘Don’t trust everything you see on social media’

Flagged videos are manually reviewed 24/7 and any video that doesn’t belong in the app is removed.

05 Nov 2019

Marriage cards go digital

A new mobile app ‘Marrize’ helps hosts and guests co-ordinate better with a few swipes and clicks

02 Nov 2019

Marriage cards go digital

A new mobile app ‘Marrize’ helps hosts and guests co-ordinate better with a few swipes and clicks

31 Oct 2019

A new app for Ayyappa devotees

The app which will launch today will give users important information on their yatra, connect with like-minded peers, and more

30 Oct 2019

An industrious lot

Vibrant, lively and business-savvy,Gujaratis add their own, unique charm to the twin cities

23 Oct 2019

Hyderabad's Shri Ram Universal School holds ‘Educators’ Conclave’

Principals and teachers from various schools turned pupils for a change at the Educators’ Conclave 
organised by The Shri Ram Universal School in Gachibowli on Saturday

20 Oct 2019

Diplomat for a day!

22-year-old Snehal Rawat gets a first-hand experience of the office of the British Deputy High Commissioner

14 Oct 2019

Hyderabadis explore 'Best Childhood'  in Dandiya nights dhamaka 

On the sixth day of Navratri, it was an evening filled with joy at Police Hockey Stadium in the city

05 Oct 2019