Sowmya Mani

This café in Tiruchy serves information on menstrual hygiene

Preethi Damodaran, Project Director, MHM, Gramalaya, calls the café a safe and non-judgemental space that provides counselling to adolescent girls.

29 May 2022

Illam Thedi Kalvi continues in this TN village even during holidays, thanks to students

It is essentially like tuition classes for government school students.

29 May 2022

With this startup, online car purchase gets 'as easy as buying groceries'

From car recommendations to getting loans for it, the online car buying platform broadens its online assistance in manifold ways.

23 May 2022

Tea seller gets Rs 16,000 ‘moi’ for cash-starved Sri Lanka

“When I saw videos and read about how Sri Lankans are suffering, it affected me.

23 May 2022

Pudukkottai villages go liquor-free, set example

The number of road accidents and small fights has come down, said the doctors and nurses at the PHC.

12 May 2022

Woman with multiple issues gets two units of rare Bombay blood at Pudukkottai GH

The patient underwent dialysis due to kidney failure on Tuesday and the first unit of blood was transfused.

12 May 2022

IIM Trichy hopes the state government allots land for permanent campus in Chennai

While the Tiruchy campus continues to attract students, the Chennai campus is especially beneficial for working executives with its Postgraduate Programme in Business Management (PGPBM).

07 May 2022

‘Number of children with asthma increased in past 10 years’

According to doctors, more children have developed asthma in the past 10 years, mainly due to reduced exposure to the outside world. 

03 May 2022

Tiruchy govt school's Class 12 students paint their classroom as parting gift

The class comprises of 40 students and all of them, including the class teacher, contributed to buying the paint and other necessary items.

29 Apr 2022

Hotel owners distressed as TN yet to clear dues for providing quarantine facility

The situation is the same across the State, sources with the Tamil Nadu Hotels Association said. "Most of our bills are still pending."

27 Apr 2022

Tiruchy transwoman credits society for Koothandavar fest beauty pageant crown

Besides being part of LEAD-TI, an NGO, the versatile personality along with her friends had involved in other social activities like feeding at least 50 people daily during the COVID-19 lockdown.

21 Apr 2022

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease on the rise post Covid, say doctors

Doctors have advised lifestyle changes to reverse fatty liver, and it can be completely reversed if diagnosed early.

20 Apr 2022

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease on the rise post COVID, say doctors

According to doctors, the work from home condition and lack of movement during lockdowns have increased liver-related diseases.

20 Apr 2022

TN's Melathaniyam fishing festival celebrates social equality

Another unique thing about this festival is that people can catch fish with whatever they have. From nets to bare hands, a person is free to choose his equipment.

19 Apr 2022

Family helps 19-year-old TN transwoman realise police dream

S Rihana Banu (19) is a few months shy from living her dream of joining the police department.

17 Apr 2022