Sri Lakshmi Muttevi

World AIDS Day 2019: Does anybody know about Red Ribbon Clubs?

Ever heard of Red Ribbon Clubs? Not many must have;  for these clubs come alive in Vizag colleges only on World AIDS Day (December 1). 

01 Dec 2019

HIV positive cases rising among youth in Visakhapatnam district

The majority of youth from urban areas aged between 24 years and 35 years have been reported to be HIV positive.

29 Nov 2019

In a first, robocop to receive complaints from public in Vishakhapatnam

The robot, designed by Robo Coupler Private Limited, can receive complaints through voice recording or digital typing, after which the complainant’s information will be given to the police.

20 Nov 2019

Tourists make a beeline to Andhra Pradesh's Araku Valley as winter sets in

According to tourism officials, as it is still the beginning of the season, around 1,000 tourists visit Lamabsingi daily and the figure goes up further on weekends.

12 Nov 2019

Tiger safari at animal rescue centre on anvil

Plans on to introduce more felines, breeding programme for Bengal tigers proposed

11 Nov 2019

Delay in boat inspection worries Vizag boat owners

Winter being the best season for boating and kayaking, hundreds of tourists visit Vizag every season for enjoying the water sports in the sea.

31 Oct 2019

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation plans extra dome and bamboo tents at Lambasingi by November

Meanwhile, the corporation is planning to begin bus from Vizag to Lambasingi from November 1. 

18 Oct 2019

Three weeks after tragedy, boating services yet to be resumed in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department runs speedboats, while a private company also runs a speedboat and kayaking service at Rushikonda.

03 Oct 2019

Lord rides Simha Vahanam majestically

As part of the ongoing annual Brahmotsavams on Wednesday morning, Sri Malayappa Swamy took a celestial ride on Simha Vahanam and blessed the devotees in Yoga Narasimha Avataram.

03 Oct 2019

Boy dies of suspected dengue at KGH in Visakhapatnam

Of the 10-15 fever cases reported at the KGH daily, on an average, around two are reported to be testing positive for dengue.

16 Sep 2019

Blood banks unable to meet platelet demand in Visakhapatnam

Out of 20 blood tests registered in the KGH Virology, there are around four to five dengue positive cases a day or even less sometimes.

08 Sep 2019

This 'best teacher' gets on a horse daily to reach his students in a remote village

Reaching the village is the biggest challenge for anyone; there is no proper road for a distance of nine km. Currently, Ramana drives on his bike for some distance and then rides a horse for 9 km.

07 Sep 2019

Inflexible study hours, unfair expectations tighten noose in Visakhapatinam college

The study hour begins as students, a majority of them half asleep, gather for class that continues till 8 am.

17 Oct 2017