Srividya Palaparthi

A pivot to success

In 2016, Raju decided that they had to pivot their business to survive.  Hence started Way2News.

31 Oct 2019

The Various Viewpoints of Today’s feminism

In a debut performance, a city theatre group is all  set to stage a play that speaks of the nuances
of feminism. Scheduled this weekend we get a preview

30 Oct 2019

Imagine, Create, Render!

Hyderabad just celebrated World Animation Day and in the recent years – from Chota Bheem to Jersey – some of our very own are making waves in the  industry not just nationally but across the world.  

29 Oct 2019

It’s All About  Bak Bak Bakra

Bringing bakra to the city, RJ Raaj has his own style when it comes humouring his listeners. Here’s the 
story in his own words 

29 Oct 2019

Many ways to write

Hyderabadi author KV Aditya turned into a screenwriter for the first time with the recently released Telugu web series ‘Gods of Dharmapuri’.

26 Oct 2019

Solution to healthcare? Just Rs 7,200 p.A

Dr Bhaskar Rao, cardio thoracic surgeon and a medical entrepreneur believes, has an easy fix for your healthcare scares. We prod him about the health industry and how he views it

23 Oct 2019

I want to earn my privilege: Rhea Kapoor

Producer, designer and a businesswoman, Rhea Kapoor does a lot and how! In Hyderabad for a talk, Rhea
got candid about her life in cinema and as a fashion designer.

22 Oct 2019

'Raju Gari Gadhi 3' film review: Ashwin Babu and Avika Gor-starrer is a comedy gone rogue

The Raju Gari Gadhi series is notoriously known for its horror-comedy genre.

19 Oct 2019

Policing with a heart: Telangana cops show the way

This year as we observe Police Commemoration Week, we decided to celebrate the successes and the compassion of our officers of the law.

17 Oct 2019

APP For grub! the calory counter

If you are tired of doing the math whenever you eat during a diet,the AI-powered app, Tweak & Eat can do that for you

17 Oct 2019

'Hadn’t considered this as a career': RJ Shekar Basha

Cinema was what he wanted to be a part of but little did RJ Shekar Basha know that a few years down the line, he would be one of the most popular RJs in the city!

15 Oct 2019

Hyderabad to witness unique fashion event that begins conversation on slow, sustainable fashion

Slow Fashion Collective, a pop-up exhibition featuring ethical and slow fashion is adding an edge to its cause with a live conversation centered around a conscious, sustainable and slow lifestyle.

15 Oct 2019

Telugu musician breaks Guinness record for using all 72 melakarta ragas

Breaking the record on October 2, in London using all the 72 Melakarta ragas in Carnatic music was not a coincidence according to the music doyen, Swara Veenapani.

14 Oct 2019

Credit made easy

Catering specifically to the younger generation’s needs and professional aspects, Finnable was created with the founders’ expertise.

10 Oct 2019

Fighting harassment through fashion

A private employee wanted to teach her ogling boss a lesson. What did she do? Wore her mind!

08 Oct 2019