Sunita Raghu

A Holy Mess

Art of Living‘s latest initiative involves recycling waste from temples and dargahs

06 Jul 2019

Sthitaprajna : How an accountant brought a three-acre forest to life

Deers, nilgais, pigs, wild boars, monkeys, porcupines, peacocks and rabbits are often spotted.

22 Apr 2019

The great Net fix

Digital video streaming has changed TV viewing. Binge-watching makes people stay up late affecting lifestyle, work efficiency and health.

21 May 2018

New Space Raiders

Indian entrepreneurs go beyond  unexplored horizons and invest in a  future that promises to open up the 
galaxy and give us a chance at a  new life in the space  By Sunita Raghu

17 Feb 2018

Watercolour wonders

A Pune artist paints naturals and abstracts to convey realism.

08 Oct 2017

Animal charm

A Pune-based human nutrition graduate and her team of 22 run a rescue and rehabilitation facility for animals in need.

19 Aug 2017

Shirdi Sai baba: In the fakir’s footsteps

A series of events have begun from Shirdi to the world over to mark the 100th year of the saint taking samadhi.

05 Aug 2017

Deep despair

Mindless fishing, combined with unsustainable methods, wreaks havoc on marine ecosystems that are reeling under climate change, pollution and man-made disasters.

04 Mar 2017

Rock ‘n’ Raga

Mahesh Raghvan, creator of this unlikely fusion, meted out the same for the theme song of Game of Thrones.

22 Dec 2016

Brothers of rhythm divine

Two Netherlands-based brothers moved to Thanjavur to practise Bharatanatyam as taught by their late teacher Guru Kittapa Pillai

15 Oct 2016

Girl Power

14 Oct 2016