Swetha Kadiyala

Monuments man 

46-year-old artist Hari Das found his niche after the lockdown. His intricately detailed architectural sketches range from recreations of quaint village chapels to grandiose buildings

22 Jan 2021

Two to tango

Ponnu Sanjeev and Anjali Krishnadas, two friends who are passionate about dance, are coming together to integrate multiple streams of traditional dance

19 Jan 2021

Aravind ‘Baby’ Model 3 awaits its rebirth in Kerala

KAB Menon perhaps gave India its first indigenous car in 1966. The aatmanirbhar bug has bitten again.

16 Jan 2021

Comic trip 

Meet Stephy, the eponymous comic character created by 24-year-old UK-based illustrator Stephy Ann Tomy

16 Jan 2021

Eye catching

Engineer-turned-artist Sreenath’s unique affinity for the surreal frames of life and nature that makes 
him stand out

14 Jan 2021

Not much respite for ayurveda and wellness industry

Being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state, Fort Kochi usually witnesses a steady stream of visitors who flock to the island town every year between November and March.

13 Jan 2021

Ethical consumerism 101

Over the last few years, there has been a welcome and conscious shift towards sustainable buying and patronising small businesses, more so in metro cities.

13 Jan 2021

Six yards of regal elegance

Anie George’s ‘Hiranya’ is exquisite sarees reimagined for the modern Indian woman

13 Jan 2021

Exploring dialogues with portraiture

A friend of mine informed me about an opportunity for wall art when I was on the lookout for something similar. When I visited the site, an old man barred me from working.

09 Jan 2021

Wear your art on your sleeve

Hobo, an online art store and community started by friends Adithya Lakshmi and Arjun Prem, offers embroidered recreations of iconic paintings from history on garments and accessories 

08 Jan 2021

Love knows no borders, or ask this ex-diplomat from Kerala!

Former ambassador of India to the Netherlands, Venu Rajamony’s is a poignant love story for the India of today

07 Jan 2021

Sojourn of sustenance

During his visit to Mongolia at the peak of winter two years ago, 41-year-old Balram Menon accompanied a few people to a frozen lake at the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.

07 Jan 2021

A surrealist cartoonscape

While 28-year-old artist Vishnu M Nair’s visual vocabulary is drawn from his childhood fascination with comics, his compositions comprise surrealist and humourist motifs

06 Jan 2021

Stationery visionary

Architect, artist and art director Malavika A K’s new venture ‘Make’ is the culmination of her life-long love for accessories

02 Jan 2021

Learning from unlearning

20-year-old psychology student Alex James Mathew is urging many to break away from the long-standing unwritten rules that have become part of our lives

31 Dec 2020