Delivery man, customer both stuck in ORR jam, but order delivered on time

On Wednesday night, the ORR was jam-packed with lakhs of vehicles stuck for hours together in bumper-to-bumper traffic.
Delivery agent Nilay Nama. (Photo | Express)
Delivery agent Nilay Nama. (Photo | Express)

BENGALURU: A video of a design manager who was stuck in a massive traffic jam on Outer Ring Road (ORR) on Wednesday ordering pizza and receiving his pizza order in half an hour has stormed the internet on Thursday. 

However, the food delivery partner who was on his bike, was also stuck in the traffic jam. But was able to finish the task in 30-35 minutes with the help of another delivery partner who picked up the pizza from the store and walked over one km. After which the delivery partners served the pizza in the heavy traffic by tracking the live location of the customer.

On Wednesday night, the ORR was jam-packed with lakhs of vehicles stuck for hours together in bumper-to-bumper traffic. While many commuters vented their ire against the government's apathy in resolving the traffic issue, Rishi Vaths M S (32), who works as Senior Design Manager with Shopsy, was travelling in a car with four of friends, decided to order pizza as they were hungry. 

At the click of a button, the pizza was ordered at 6:20 PM when their vehicle was behind Embassy Tech Village. The traffic kept moving at a snail’s pace as the pizza was being cooked. 

Delivery agent, Nilay Nama (22), who joined the job just 18 days back was assigned the task of delivering the pizza within the stipulated time frame. 

Sharing how the drama unfolded, he said, Nama told TNIE: “I was near New Horizon College which was 2.5 km away from the customer’s location and 1 km away from the Dominos store at Sesina Business Park in Embassy Tech Square (where the pizza was ordered). I called up the manager and informed him that I was stuck in a jam and would be unable to make it to the store. The manager helped me and sent another delivery partner to come with the pizza to my location, for a walk. Then both of us on my bike, made our way through the cars, to the customer” Nama narrated.  

He called up the customer and asked him to share his live location. “Since the traffic was moving slowly, I waded through the traffic on the bike and reached the customer within 30-35 minutes,” Nama said. 

He proudly said despite the rains and the traffic jam, he was able to deliver the food and complete his task and added that it was only possible as he sees the customer as the King. 

Vaths who was stuck in the car for over 2.5 hours received their order at around 6:50 PM behind Embassy Tech Village. Vaths said that in all this half-an-hour, his car had moved just a few metres from the location.

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