General Notes on The Importance of Comfort Layers of Sleeping Mattress

Generally, it has been observed that to have restful sleep you need to utilize mattress, which supports your body posture. Some prefer softer versions of sleeping mat and few sleepers like to sleep on firm ones. Most of the sleepers feel comfortable while using mid rigid mattress.

However, the layers of material composed together with other elements to form a sleeping mat decides whether the product is perfect for sleeping soundly. The layers of material which protects the inner part of the mattress and provide comfort as well to mattress user is generally known as comfort layers of a mattress.

More about the design of comfort layers of a sleeping mat:

They are generally thick, densely composed material consisting of three separate parts.

  • The insulator: It separates the inner core part of mattress and the middle upholstery.
  • Middle upholstery: It is the dominant part consisting of supportive and soft material for letting the sleeper sleep peacefully.
  • Quilting: It is the top part which is made totally considering the comforts of its user.

In earlier days the sleeping mattress either customized or bought from retail shops where mostly of similar kind. The emergence of varied kinds of sleeping mats each having its own unique features arrived in the marketing arena, since two decades ago.

Presently, the mattresses available in worldwide markets are having three kinds of comfort layers. You can buy them, in accordance to your needs and comfort.

They are:

  • Progressive types: They are quite simple in make consisting of single or thinner layer of comfort material functioning jointly with the inner core material to provide support to the user’s body. Mostly this kind is used in gyms, ashrams and as a sitting mattress.
  •  Differential comfort layers: Multiple layers of material providing efficient cushioning for the mattress user as well as act as a supportive feature for the inner composed material.
  • Zoned mattress: Having lot of layers arranged strategically such that aids in cushioning certain parts of the sleeper’s body.   

The importance of comfort layers of a mattress:

  • It proves the best supportive system lying in between the upper part of the mattress and its inner core part.
  • Provides cushioning and quite supportive for rest.
  • You get relived form pain and body ache easily.
  • You feel refreshed after waking up.

Some selective materials are used to make these comfort layers of sleeping mattress. They have their varied salient features benefitting the mattress user.

Mentioning few commonly used materials:

  • Latex: A naturally available material derived from the sap of rubber tree. Presently synthetic (formatted using petrochemicals) latex is mixed with natural ones too.  You can opt for even totally organic latex used mattress which is costlier compare to the mixed composed ones. The organic one is more comfortable and durable thus latex is normally known to be the best comfort layer provider as it supports totally your hips and upper part of the body like shoulders and it provides motion isolation. In simple terms the other person sleeping on the bed won’t get disturbed if you are tossing on your bed. People suffering from chronic and joint pains need to use this kind of latex composed comfort layer sleeping mattress.
  • Poly foam: A synthetic material used mostly to cover the mattress composed of innersprings and coils. It is mostly applied in lowly priced mattress and quite not durable.
  • Memory foam:  A polyurethane material added with petro chemicals to make the composed material softer and enhance durability. It is even used to make pillows. The material responds to temperature of the body and surroundings to eradicate any pressure on sleeper’s body. Its quick shape retention quality helps in supporting the body posture of the sleeper lying in any position.

It will be beneficial to know more about comfort layers of sleeping mats.

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